The Kicking Pigeons EP

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Kicking Pigeons EP
Kicking Pigeons EP.jpg
Studio album by Spunge
Released March 1998
Recorded Comet Studios, Tewkesbury, England. 1998
Genre Ska punk
Length 10:05
Label Sucka-Punch Records
Producer Spunge

The Debut EP from the SKA Punksters spunge.

The Kicking Pigeons EP, released in March 1998 is the first record of the British ska-punk band Spunge. The copyright of the CD is owned by Sucka-Punch Records, which is a label the band formed in 1998 (not to be confused with a lebel from USA with a similar name Suckapunch Records) in order to get their EP released.

The record is no longer available for sale. Kicking Pigeons was distributed mainly by being sold at gigs pub. The EP sold 5,000 copies at gigs and the band decided it was time to for making the band full-time concern by leaving their daily jobs and start working on a full-length album. The band has later used Sucka-Punch Records label to release more of their own as well as associated bands CD´s, Although since 2000 Spunge has been releasing their records through bigger third party labels.

Song Kickings Pigeons was later re-recorded and released on the album Pedigree Chump in 1999.

Best Mate's Girlfriend was re-recorded in 2002 and appears on their CD Single Jump On Demand as a B-side. Re-recorded version of Friend Called Fred makes an appearance on Room For Abuse and Room for Abuse 2006.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Kicking Pigeons" 2:52
2. "Best Mate's Girlfriend" 3:30
3. "Friend Called Fred" 3:43


Additional artists
  • Simon Bayliss - Additional backing and Original bass riff


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