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The Killers of Comedy Tour features cast and regulars from The Howard Stern Show such as Reverend Bob Levy, Sal Governale, Richard Christy, Jim Florentine, Yucko the Clown and Shuli performing stand up comedy. On occasion, Beetlejuice, Gary the Conqueror, Bigfoot and The Iron Sheik participate. A recurring joke is Bob Levy eating blue cheese or whipped cream out of a woman's rear end. It also featured up and coming stand up comedians like John Tole & Brad Thacker who toured & hosted the shows.

Howard Stern's sidekick, Artie Lange, referred to the group as the "Hack Pack" in July, 2007. The name, which has since been unofficially adopted by the troup, caused controversy when Shuli confronted Artie on air and told him how offended he was.[1] Earlier in the show, Artie had remarked about John, Ralph, and himself becoming the new "Rat Pack" in Vegas, noting that "Sad Pack" was a more apt description.[2]


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  2. ^ Kaplan, Jason; Michael Dempster (2007-07-25). "The Rundown - The Sad Pack Rides Again". Retrieved 2007-09-05. ...noting that the three of them in Vegas would be the new "Rat Pack," although he thought "Sad Pack" was a better title. 

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