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This article is about the British vocal trio. For other uses, see King Brothers (disambiguation).

The King Brothers were a British pop vocal trio popular in the late 1950s and early 1960s. They are best remembered for their cover versions of "Standing on the Corner" and "A White Sport Coat (And A Pink Carnation)". A peculiarity of their act was that all 3 brothers sang in unison; they never ventured out into harmonies.


The group was composed of three brothers who first performed together professionally on the TV show 'Shop Window' in 1952.[1] Initially performing as The King Three, they appeared on the BBC Television early in their career on Six-Five Special,[2] and by 1957 had been named "top vocal group" in the reader's poll of NME.[1] Their first hit on the UK Singles Chart was their cover of "A White Sport Coat", which hit #6 in 1957. In October 1960, they were again voted "top vocal group" in the NME reader's poll.[3] They had a string of successful singles through 1961, after which time they continued recording but found their popularity waning.

Group leader Denis King later became an award-winning composer for television, film, and musicals; among other things, he wrote the theme music for The Adventures of Black Beauty and Lovejoy.



Parlophone Records
Pye Records
  • 1963 "One Boy Too Late" / "I've Got That Feeling Once Again"
  • 1963 "Anyone Else" / "The Rainbow's End"
Oriole Records
  • 1964 "Real Live Girl" / "Every Time It Rains"
CBS Records
Page One Records
  • 1966 "Symphony For Susan" / "My Time"
  • 1967 "My Mammy" / "Some Of These Days"
  • 1967 "My Mother's Eyes" / "I'm Old Fashioned"
Tupperware (EMI)[5]

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