The King of Blaze (TV series)

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The King of Blaze
Based on
Written byRao Jun
Directed byHu Yijuan
Country of originChina
Original language(s)Mandarin
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes
  • 28 (part 1)
  • 33 (part 2)
Executive producer(s)Peng Dan[2]
Producer(s)Feng Xiaogang[1]
Production company(s)
  • Mango TV
  • Beijing Jetsen Technology Development
  • Zhejiang Dongyang Mayla Media
  • Beijing Xinliliang Entertainment
  • EE-Media
  • Shanghai Artrendwave Productions
DistributorHunan Happy Sunshine Interactive Entertainment
Original networkHunan TV
First shown inChina
Original releaseNovember 26, 2018 (2018-11-26)

The King of Blaze (Chinese: 火王) is a 2018 Chinese television series based on the manhua of the same name. It stars Chen Bolin and Jing Tian with Zhang Yijie and Lai Yumeng.[3]

The series will be separated into two different parts; the first part (火王之破晓之战) will be set in the ancient era and Tang Dynasty while the second part (火王之千里同风) will be set in the modern era.[4][5] It is set to air on Hunan TV starting November 26, 2018.[6]


Part one[edit]

Thousands of years ago, there was a beautiful planet amongst the stars protected by six different deities of different elements. During a battle with dark forces, the deities suffer a huge blow and Qian Mei sacrificed herself to save her lover, Zhong Tian. In order to save their homeland, Zhong Tian travels to the glorious age of Tang Dynasty where he meets an astronomer named Feng Jian who looks exactly like his long-lost love. Feng Jian is revealed to be Qian Mei, and the couple eventually reunites. However, they face even bigger danger as the dark forces follow them to the mortal realm. It was discovered that the mastermind behind the dark forces is Di Yun, Zhong Tian's former close friend. Zhong Tian must contend against the countervailing forces of kinship, friendship and love to save his planet.

Part two[edit]

Lin Ye is a young scientist who was inspired by the legend of the "King of Blaze". He gathered a group of young entrepreneurs and established an eco green group to research more about environmental protection and new energy sources. He meets Tong Feng, a female reporter, through an interview; and they work together to promote environmental conservation. However, Lin Ye's old friend Di Yun appears and uses underhanded means to interfere and steal his fruit of labors. Lin Ye and Tong Feng must work together to recover their efforts.

Cast (Part one)[edit]


Actor Character Introduction
Chen Bolin Zhong Tian King of Blaze , God of Fire .
Shang Xuan sent him to earth to find new source of energy to restore the Immortal Realm from the brink of collapse/destruction after the war against the wing clan. He arrived in Western Regions which he travel from to China , Tang Dynasty. Along the journey he meet friends and foes with familiar faces to him.
Jing Tian Qian Mei / Situ Feng Jian Goddess of Wind.
She is reincarnated in the Tang Dynasty after she died in the war against the Wing clan as Feng Jian, an imperial astronomer. Soulmate of Zhong Tian
Zhang Yijie[7] Hao Yue God of Thunder.
He is reincarnated in the Tang dynasty after he died in the war against the Wing clan as a bandit who later became a Tang imperial general and princess Li Ying's bodyguard, who he fell in love later on.
Lai Yumeng[8] Hua Cheng / Li Ying Goddess of Water.
She is reincarnated in the Tang dynasty after she died in the war against the Wing Clan as Princess Li Ying, a fictional character portrayed as the daughter of Emperor Gaozong of Tang and Empress Wu Ze-tian. She had a brief crush on Zhong Tian and later on she fell in love with Hao Yue


Tang Dynasty[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
Zhang Weina [9] Xing Qiu Feng Jian's attendant.
Fan Shiqi Li Hong Crown prince of Tang Dynasty. He in love with Situ Feng Jian which is one sided love
Liu Hailan[10] Princess Zhaoping Daughter of Emperor Gaozong of Tang and a Concubine. Sent to Western Region for political arrange marriage.
Wang Dancang[11] Pei Luoqing An imperial astronomer who deeply loves the crown prince, and views Feng Jian as a rival.
Zhang Hanjun[12] General Zha Ke
Wang Maolei Li Chunfeng Feng Jian's adoptive/god-father. A legendary astronomer .
Peng Ling Zhu Yuanzhi Magistrate at Court of Judicial.
Su Hang Li Jinzhong A general who protects the Crown Prince.
Nan Sheng Qian Qian A young girl from the Caravan, who is skilled in medicine. Later revealed to be a spy working for Wuyi Sect that secretly controls by the wing clan that has been trying to invade earth
Sui Keming Qi Le Son of Shopkeeper Qi. He loves Qian Qian and protects her.
Tong Fan Shopkeeper Qi merchant Leader of a traveling nomad . Ally of Zhong Tian
Yi Chendi Pei Zhong
Liu Min Empress Wu Zetian Mother of Li Ying & Li Hong.
Cai Gang Emperor Gaozong of Tang Ruler of China.
Father of Li Ying , Li Hong & Li Zhaoping
Hong Tuya Hu You
Li Zhenqi Pei Judao
Tan Zao Xin'er
Li Ruoning Xian Min
Zhang Han Kyrgyz
Liu Chuang Baleimeng
Zhu Xiaojun Wang Jingzhi
Wang Zikuan Guo Yu
Lu Jun
Lv Haiting Xiao Lv
Wang Chengyun Xiao Liu
Zhang Miao'er Hu Zuo
Tan Tianming Gao Chen
Su Chen Xiao Mengzi
Xuan Ke Cun Zheng
Fu Caizhi Minister Song
Ren Xuehai Eunuch Du


Actor Character Introduction
Du Junze You He / Chief of Wuyi Sect God of Lakes.
He is Zhong Tian's love rival. He has a one side love for Qian Mei. He is reincarnated in the Tang dynasty after he died in the war against the Wing clan as Chief of Wuyi Sect who is memory is erased and control by Tian Heng to go against Zhong Tian and help the wing clan invade earth..
Sun Shaolong Di Yun God of Mountains. Adoptive son of Shang Xuan who he has an obsession with. Biological son of Tian Heng.
He joined force with wing clan to go against Zhong Tian to find a way to save Shang Xuan even in the cost of earth and innocent lives.
Huang Youming Shang Xuan Leader of the seven Gods.
He sent Zhong Tian to earth to find new source of energy to restore the Immortal Realm from the brink of collapse/destruction after the war against the wing clan. At same time he froze the Immortal Realm and put himself into a deep sleep while waiting for Zhong Tian to return with a new source of energy to save the Immortal Realm. Beside he sent the souls/spirit of decreased god to be reincarnated at earth to aide Zhong Tian in his journey.
Du Yuming Tian Heng Leader of wing clan. Biological father of Di Yun
Archenemy of the gods who was seal away by them long time ago until the seal broken after it grew weak as time past.

Cast (Part 2)[edit]

Part two[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
Chen Bolin[13] Lin Ye A young CEO and scientist who is ambitious and talented. He is focused on finding the journey back to the heavenly sanctuary.
Jing Tian[14] Tong Feng An experienced and passionate news reporter.
Zhang Yijie[15] Lei Hao An aspiring environmentalist and scientist . Good friend of Lin Ye. Boyfriend of Wei Yongqian.
Lai Yumeng Wei Yongqian A famous celebrity with a quirky personality. Girlfriend of Lei Hao.
Zhang Weina[16] Xiao Yu Editor of a fashion magazine.
Sui Keming Qi Le
Du Junze Li Juewen
Sun Shaolong Di Yun
Liu Hailan Ou Lin
Zhang Hanjun[12] Li Yunlong A policeman.
Fan Yixuan Jiang Haoming
Bo An Pei Mingshun


Part 1 of the series was filmed from June to August 2017 in Iceland, Xiangshan[disambiguation needed] and Yinchuan.[17][18][19]

Part 2 of the series was filmed from August to November in Hangzhou and Iceland.[20][21]



Channel Country Broadcast Date Broadcast Time
dimsum  Malaysia 26 November 2018 Until Ep 28


Part 1[edit]

1."Sear (烙印)" (Theme song)Yuan LiyuanDan YulongLi Qi 
2."Heartstrings (心弦)" (Ending theme song)Yi JieTan XuanJuno Su 
3."Water Immortal (水仙)"Huang BoLiu ChangHe Jie & Allen Su 


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