The King of the Gospel Singers

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The King of the Gospel Singers
Studio album by Little Richard
Released March 1962
Recorded c. June 1961
Genre Gospel
Label Mercury
Producer Quincy Jones
Little Richard chronology
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(1960)Pray Along with Little Richard (Vol 2)1960
The King of the Gospel Singers
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(1964)Little Richard Is Back (And There's a Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On!)1964

The King of the Gospel Singers is the sixth studio album from Little Richard, discounting compilations. A gospel album from sessions he recorded for the Mercury Records label, it is generally regarded as being a better recording than his two albums with the Goldner label.[1]


The tracks making up the album were recorded in New York City with an approximate recording date of June 1961. Recalling the sessions, producer Quincy Jones noted: I had the pleasure to record with Little Richard "Joy Joy Joy" and "He's Not Just A Soldier" for his albums [...] It was truly a joy working with Little Richard in New York; though he was still very religious I noticed that he never lost his feeling for Rock 'n' Soul. [2]

A further twelve gospel tracks were recorded for the Mercury label at an unknown location in March 1962. Of these additional tracks, only two were released at the time, with "Change Your Ways"/"He Got What He Wanted" an April 1962 single. The remaining tracks were issued only as bootlegs, or as archive releases in the 1980s.

After this period Richard continued his commitment to gospel, recording eleven tracks for Atlantic Records between June 1962 and April 1963. Finally, he was enticed back into the rock 'n' roll genre during a tour of England, cutting five tracks for Specialty Records between April 1963 - April 1964.


The King of the Gospel Singers would indirectly lead to the resurrection of Richard's rock 'n' roll career, as the touring schedule saw him sharing bills with The Beatles and become inspired by his old sound. Richard himself observed of the album that it was the thing that really put me back in business. It was just the kind of music I had always wanted to record. After it was released the offers for gospel concerts started pouring in. [1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "It's Real" (Homer L. Cox)
  2. "Joy Joy Joy (Down in My Heart)" (Charles Hutchison Gabriel)
  3. "Do You Care" ("Wailin'" Bill Dell)
  4. "The Captain Calls for You" (A.W. Spaulding, Harold A. Miller)
  5. "In Times Like These" (Ruth Caye Jones)
  6. "Do Lord, Remember Me" (Quincy Jones, Richard Penniman)
  7. "Ride On, King Jesus" (Quincy Jones, Richard Penniman)
  8. "(There Will Be) Peace in the Valley (For Me)" (Thomas A. Dorsey)
  9. "He's Not Just a Soldier" (Richard Penniman, William Pitt)
  10. "My Desire" (Thomas A. Dorsey)
  11. "He's My Star" (Richard Penniman)
  12. "It Takes Everything to Serve The Lord" (Marshall Kelly, Samuel Bond)


The Quincy Jones Orchestra

The Howard Roberts Chorale

Plus unknown instrumentalists.


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