The Kingdom at the End of the Road

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The Kingdom at the End of the Road
Author Jan Guillou
Original title Riket vid vägens slut
Country Sweden
Language Swedish
Series The Knight Templar (Crusades trilogy)
Genre Historical novel
Publisher Piratförlaget
Publication date
January 2000
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback) & Audio Book & E-book
Pages 431 pp
ISBN 91-89426-02-9
OCLC 45145878
LC Class PT9876.17.U38 R55 2000
Preceded by The Knight Templar
Followed by The Heritage of Arn

The Kingdom at the End of the Road (Swedish: Riket vid vägens slut) is the third book in Jan Guillou's The Knight Templar (Crusades trilogy) book series. This book follows the fictional character of Arn Magnusson as he returns home to Sweden after 20 years as a Knight Templar.

The book starts with Arn coming home to the abbey in which he grew up and reuniting with his kinsmen. Arn, now an experienced knight, has great plans for Sweden. To build a superior and centralized fighting force to create a stable peace within the three countries that will one day be known as Sweden. He is also forced to repel two invasions by the Danish-supported pretender to the throne, Sverker Karlsson.

This book covers the last part of Arn's life and argues that Arn is the de facto founding father of modern Sweden.

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