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The Kingsnakes are a Detroit based rock and roll band formed in 2001.

The band has toured in various parts of the US and in Windsor- some of the highlights have been in New York City as part of an after-party for the MC5 documentary "A True Testimonial" shown at the Annual Tribeca Film Festival. The band also played in Toronto for the 2001 North by Northeast Music Festival and in Austin for the 2003 South By Southwest Music Festival.

Capturing that sound on their debut CD "Supernatural Disaster" was done with the help of their producer, Kenny Olson, guitarist from Kid Rock. Songs like 'Whore On A Dragon' and title track 'Supernatural Disaster' offer warning of a time yet to come. But songs such as 'Messin' and 'Shake It' let people in on the band's attitude of getting your kicks in "before the whole shithouse goes up in flames" (-Jim Morrison).

The band won the Detroit Music Awards 2004 award for Outstanding Rock Act.

They have been on hiatus since early 2006

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