The Kneeling Man

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= The Kneeling Man
52317 El-hombre-arrodillado-1.jpg
The Museo Soumaya cast.
ArtistAuguste Rodin
LocationMuseo Soumaya, Mexico City

The Kneeling Man is a work originally conceived in 1888 by the French artist Auguste Rodin for his The Gates of Hell project. The work's arms and torso were reused for The Birth of Venus, a female version - Gates features both the male and female versions in the tympanum and the upper part of the right-hand panel.[1] The same male figure was also used as part of The Maiden Kissed by the Ghost.[2]

It was cast in bronze with a brown and green patina in 1960 by the Rudier Foundry. One of these bronze casts is now in the Museo Soumaya in Mexico City.


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