The Knight Has Arrived!

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The Knight Has Arrived!
Directed byMario Monicelli
Written byAge & Scarpelli
Marcello Marchesi
Vittorio Metz
Produced byCarlo Ponti
StarringTino Scotti
Silvana Pampanini
Nyta Dover
CinematographyMario Bava
Edited byFranco Fraticelli
Music byNino Rota
Excelsa Film
Distributed byMinerva Film
Release date
6 December 1950
Running time
90 minutes
A scene from the film featuring Silvana Pampanini and others

The Knight Has Arrived! (Italian: È arrivato il cavaliere!) is a 1950 Italian comedy film directed by Mario Monicelli and Steno and starring Tino Scotti, Silvana Pampanini and Nyta Dover.

The film's sets were designed by the art director Flavio Mogherini. It earned around 254 million lira at the Italian box office.[1] It was shown as part of a retrospective on Italian comedy at the 67th Venice International Film Festival in 2010.[2]


The eccentric leader of a group of small-time Hawkers known as "The Knight" tries to prevent the area they use from being redeveloped as part of a new business and Metro station complex. Employing a number of surreal schemes, he is eventually successful.



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