The Knocks 1992–2000

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The Knocks 1992–2000
The Knocks 1992-2000.jpg
Greatest hits album by Jay Tee
Released February 13, 2001
Recorded 1992-2000
Alleyway Studios (Vallejo, CA)
Batchelor's Pad (Corona, CA)
The Grill (Oakland, CA)
K-Lou Studios (Richmond, CA)
Pound 4 Pound (Delano, CA)
Rated Z Studios (Vallejo, CA)
Genre West Coast hip hop, gangsta rap
Length 72:35
Label 40 Ounce Records
Producer Dave Fore, Jay Tee (exec.), Johnny Z, Ken Franklin, Lev Berlak, Philly Blunt, Terrance Richardson
Jay Tee chronology
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(2000)Velvet City2000
The Knocks 1992–2000
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(2001)So Cold2001

The Knocks 1992–2000 is a greatest hits compilation by American rapper Jay Tee. It was released February 13, 2001 on Jay Tee's own label, 40 Ounce Records. The songs are culled from the N2Deep and Latino Velvet music catalogs. Two of the songs, "California Hot Tubs" and "What You Do", were newly remixed for this compilation. The album features guest performances by E-40, Mac Dre, Baby Beesh, B-Legit, Levitti, Taydatay, Don Cisco and Frost. It features production by Johnny Z, Ken Franklin, Lev Berlak, Philly Blunt and Jay Tee.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Featuring Originally released on
Album Year
1 "Back to the Hotel" TL Back to the Hotel 1992
2 "V-Town" TL, B-Legit, E-40 Back to the Hotel 1992
3 "The Weekend" Back to the Hotel 1992
4 "California Hot Tubs (Remix)" 24-7-365 1994
5 "Where We Dwell" Baby Beesh, Mac Dre The Golden State 1997
6 "Game Tight" Baby Beesh, Celly Cel Latino Velvet Project 1997
7 "Raza Park" Don Cisco, Baby Beesh, Frost, Roger Troutman Latino Velvet Clique 1998
8 "What You Do (Remix)" Baby Beesh, Don Cisco Latino Velvet Project 1997
9 "We Gets Down Like That" Don Cisco The Rumble 1998
10 "We Be All Over" The Mossie, Levitti The Rumble 1998
11 "Wonderin'" The Rumble 1998
12 "Bay Area Playaz" Mac Shawn, Taydatay, Cougnut, Da' Unda' Dogg, Kaveo, Baby Beesh, J Sweets, Don Cisco The Rumble 1998
13 "Summertime In the City" ODM Slightly Pimpish/Mostly Doggish 2000
14 "Howda" Slightly Pimpish/Mostly Doggish 2000
15 "Fo Sho" E-40, Baby Beesh Velvet City 2000
16 "Telly" Baby Beesh, Levitti Velvet City 2000

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