The Knot (2006 film)

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The Knot
MandarinYún shǔi yáo
Directed byYin Li
Produced byYin Li
Written byLiu Heng
Zheng Kehui
StarringChen Kun
Vivian Hsu
Li Bingbing
Music byZou Ye
CinematographyWang Xiaole
Edited byZhan Haihong
Distributed byCFGC
Long Shong Entertainment Multimedia Co. Ltd.
Release date
  • 1 December 2006 (2006-12-01)
Running time
117 minutes

The Knot (simplified Chinese: 云水谣; traditional Chinese: 雲水謠; pinyin: Yún shǔi yáo; literally: "The Song of the Clouds and Waters") is a 2006 Chinese film directed by Yin Li. It was China's submission to the 80th Academy Awards for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, but was not nominated.[1][2]

It won the Best Film in the 2007 Golden Rooster Awards, and was named Outstanding Film by the 2008 Hundred Flowers Awards.[3]


They fell in love; Chen Qiushui was 20. Wang Biyun was 18. When Qiushui fled Taiwan after the 228 Massacre, Biyun gave him a gold engagement ring and they promised to meet again. Qiushui served as an army doctor during the Korean War, where he met Wang Jindi, a nurse from Shanghai who fell in love with him instantly. Years had gone by, Qiushui married Jindi and settled in Tibet. While in Taiwan, Biyun buried Qiushui's mother and continued to pray for his return.

Flashback to modern time, Biyun is living in New York. Her niece played by Isabella Leong, a writer, has travelled to Tibet to find out what happened to Qiushui. Through the pictures she sends back via internet, Biyun finally gets to see the familiar face once again.


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