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The Kung Sheung Daily News
TypeDaily newspaper
PublisherThe Industrial and Commercial Daily Press Limited
Political alignmentpro-Kuomintang[1]:308
Ceased publication30 November 1984 (last publication)[1]:312
CountryHong Kong
Sister newspapers
  • The Kung Sheung Evening News
  • The Tien Kwong Morning News
OCLC number633493711
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The Kung Sheung Daily News
Traditional Chinese工商日報
Simplified Chinese工商日报
JyutpingGung1 soeng1 jat6 bou3
Cantonese YaleGūng sēung yaht bou
Literal meaningIndustrial [&] Commercial Daily News

The Kung Sheung Daily News was a newspaper of British Hong Kong. It was owned indirectly by Ho Shai-lai [zh] (Chinese: 何世禮), former Republic of China general and son of Hong Kong tycoon Robert Hotung.[1] It was a pro-Kuomintang newspaper and used the Minguo calendar.

Sister newspaper The Kung Sheung Evening News (Chinese: 工商晚報), was an evening newspaper, both day and evening editions were published by "The Industrial and Commercial Daily Press Limited" (Chinese: 工商日報有限公司), which was incorporated on 10 November 1928. The publisher was wound up on 26 December 1996, many years after the newspapers ceased publication.[2]

The Kung Sheung Daily News was also published as an "export imprint" (Chinese: 外埠版; literally: 'Outer Port version'), targeting Taiwan.[3]


Sir Robert Hotung acquired the then loss-making Kung Sheung Daily News in 1929, shortly after its founding.[1]:308 Under Hotung, by the 1950s, it had become one of the three major Chinese language newspapers in Hong Kong (the other two being Sing Tao Daily and Wah Kiu Yat Po [zh] (Chinese: 華僑日報)), according to the Newspaper Society of Hong Kong.[4]

Shortly after the memorandum of Sino-British Joint Declaration was exchanged, The Kung Sheung Daily News ceased publication, saying it was loss-making and faced difficulties to continue.[1]:312



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