The Kurrent

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The Kurrent
Manufacturer The American Electric Vehicle Company (AEVCO)
Production 2007-present
Body and chassis
Class neighborhood electric vehicle
Body style 2 seat
Platform Unique;
Engine 4.1 kW electric motor plus 4 lead Deepcycle batteries
Length 92 inches
Width 50 inches
Curb weight ~1080 lbs

The Kurrent is a neighborhood electric vehicle.

Electric motor[edit]

Its power comes from 4.1 kW electrical motor and powered by four 12 volt lead–gel sealed batteries (total 48 volts). It also has a battery to power optional equipment. Sadly, this company went out of business.

Concept and range[edit]

The Kurrent was designed in Italy and is built in Michigan, USA. According to the manufacturer, a fully charged Kurrent can travel up to 40 miles before needing a recharge. A Kurrent is not a hybrid vehicle, so it needs to be plugged into a 120 volt outlet; when its batteries are fully drained, a complete recharge takes 8 hours. This company ceased operating in 2008.

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