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The L Word: Generation Q
The L Word Generation Q Title Card.png
Created byIlene Chaiken and Kathy Greenberg & Michele Abbott
Developed byMarja-Lewis Ryan
Music byHeather McIntosh & Allyson Newman
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes8 (list of episodes)
Executive producers
  • Jennifer Beals
  • Katherine Moennig
  • Leisha Hailey
  • Steph Green
  • Ilene Chaiken
  • Allyce Ozarski
  • Kristen Campo
  • Marja-Lewis Ryan
ProducerTatiana Suarez-Pico
  • Sandra Valde-Hansen
  • Moira Morel
  • Omar Hassan-Reep
  • Tamara Luciano
  • Christal Khatib
  • Matthew D. Horn
  • Crystal Leong
  • Sarah E. Williams
Running time53–61 minutes
Production companies
Original networkShowtime
Original releaseDecember 8, 2019 (2019-12-08) –
present (present)
Preceded byThe L Word
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The L Word: Generation Q is an American drama television series produced by Showtime that premiered on December 8, 2019.[1] It is a sequel series to The L Word, which aired on Showtime from 2004 to 2009. A first-look screening took place on December 9, 2019, hosted by House of Pride, to coincide with the US release.[2] In January 2020, Showtime renewed the series for a second season, scheduled to premiere on August 8, 2021.[3][4]


Generation Q is set over ten years after The L Word, in the new setting of Silver Lake, Los Angeles. Several actors from the original series returned to reprise their roles alongside a new ensemble of diverse characters. The show centers on a group of diverse LGBTQ+ characters experiencing love, heartbreak, sex, setbacks, personal growth and success in Los Angeles.[5]

Cast and characters[edit]


  • Jennifer Beals as Bette Porter, a former candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles. Beals reprises her role from The L Word.[6]
  • Katherine Moennig as Shane McCutcheon, an androgynous and highly sexual lesbian hairdresser. Moennig reprises her role from The L Word.[6]
  • Leisha Hailey as Alice Pieszecki, a talk show host. Leisha Hailey reprises her role from The L Word.[6]
  • Arienne Mandi as Dani Núñez, Bette's PR manager and Sophie's fiancée. She was previously the director of communications for her father's company, "Núñez Incorporated".
  • Sepideh Moafi as Gigi Ghorbani, the ex-wife of Alice's girlfriend, Nat, and the biological mother of their children
  • Leo Sheng as Micah Lee, a trans man adjunct professor
  • Jacqueline Toboni as Sarah Finley, an executive assistant from a religious family. She goes by "Finley" and works for Alice Pieszecki
  • Rosanny Zayas as Sophie Suarez, a TV producer for Alice's show and Dani's fiancée
  • Jordan Hull as Angelica "Angie" Porter-Kennard (season 2;[7] recurring season 1), Bette's daughter with her ex-wife, Tina Kennard, whom Angelica refers to as "Mama T".


  • Freddy Miyares as José, the new property manager of Dani, Sophie and Micah's home, and later Micah's boyfriend
  • Jamie Clayton as Tess, Lena's ex-girlfriend
  • Carlos Leal as Rodolfo Núñez, Dani's father who refuses to bless her engagement to Sophie, believing that Sophie, who has a history of infidelity, is only interested in her money
  • Brian Michael Smith as Pierce Williams, Bette's trans man campaign manager.
  • Stephanie Allynne as Natalie "Nat" Bailey, Alice's domestic partner and later girlfriend
  • Jillian Mercado as Maribel Suarez, Sophie's sister
  • Olivia Thirlby as Rebecca, a bisexual Congregationalist minister (MCC) who has a one-night-stand with Finley, who was raised Roman Catholic and who erroneously but ironically refers to Rebecca as a "priest."
  • Latarsha Rose as Felicity Adams, an ex-employee and ex-lover of Bette's
  • Sophie Giannamore as Jordi, Angelica's friend and later girlfriend
  • Lex Scott Davis as Quiara Thompson, a popular singer and Shane's estranged, manipulative wife

Special guests[edit]

Guest starring[edit]


No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateU.S viewers
11"Let's Do It Again"Steph GreenMarja-Lewis RyanDecember 8, 2019 (2019-12-08)0.241[8]
Over ten years after the death of Jenny Schecter, Bette Porter is running for Mayor of Los Angeles to succeed Eric Garcetti, but her electoral position is threatened during a live press conference when a man, Tyler Adams, accuses her of having slept with his ex-wife, Felicity, who at the time was one of Bette's employees. Alice, now with her own successful talk show, is in a relationship with therapist Nat and struggles to mother Nat's two kids and get along with Nat's controlling ex-wife, Gigi, who is also the kids' biological mother. Shane moves back to Los Angeles after selling her hair salons in Paris and New York and reunites with Bette and Alice. Dani Núñez, a PR executive for her father's company, is the girlfriend of one of Alice's show writers, Sophie Suarez, who works with Finley, Alice's personal PA. Their flatmate, Micah Lee, is a trans man adjunct college professor who is crushing on their new neighbor José.
22"Less Is More"Allison Liddi-BrownMarja-Lewis RyanDecember 15, 2019 (2019-12-15)0.236[9]
Despite celebrating good news about their engagement, Dani reveals her new job as Bette's new PR manager and Sophie is upset for not having been consulted. Meanwhile, Alice's network is annoyed with the serious discussion when Bette appeared on the show, and they hire a man to help keep things "on brand". Finley has moved in with a reluctant Shane. Viewers discover the Planet is now a sports bar. Alice tries to be a better stepmom to Nat's kids with Shane's help, and has a heart-to-heart with Gigi. Bette talks to local LGBTQ+ youths to talk about issues of homelessness, and at the encouragement of Dani must meet Felicity for damage control. Shane is served with divorce papers, and Micah finally takes José on a date.
33"Lost Love"Sarah Pia AndersonRegina Y. HicksDecember 22, 2019 (2019-12-22)0.248[10]
Dani makes amends with her father. Jose cancels his date with Micah without explanation. Shane buys the former Planet to convert it into a lesbian bar. Shane hires Lena and Tess (lesbian couple) to manage the bar. Megan Rapinoe guest stars on Alice's talk show. When Angie's racist and homophobic classmate insults Bette, Angie punches her. The racist and homophobic private school suspends Angie while her classmate goes unpunished; Bette talks to Angie about racism. In her mayoral debate, Bette announces she has enrolled Angie in public school, winning an endorsement from the teacher's union. Finley discovers her new girlfriend Rebecca is a Priest. Alice learns that Nat and Gigi's common friends sided with Gigi after the breakup, even though Gigi had cheated on Nat, leaving Nat without friends. Out of sympathy, Alice brings them both together to reconcile the friendship. Dani witnesses Felicity enter Bette's hotel room.
44"LA Times"Steph GreenMelody DerloshonDecember 29, 2019 (2019-12-29)0.226[11]
Dani discovers that Bette and Felicity have resumed their affair. Dani confronts Felicity and warns her to stay away from Bette during the campaign, with Felicity insisting that she loves Bette. Dani confronts Bette as well, who confesses that her reason for running for mayor is due to her half-sister Kit's recent death from a heroin overdose, and that Felicity offered support in the aftermath. Dani implores Bette not to sabotage her campaign for the sake of sex. Dani makes amends with Sophie, and Sophie gives her an engagement ring that was her grandmother's. To celebrate Shane's 40th birthday, a surprise party is thrown at Shane's new bar, "Dana's". Nat confesses that she desires both Alice and Gigi, culminating in a threesome. Finley gets drunk and goes to Rebecca's house to profess her love, but chooses some hurtful wording; Rebecca tells her to leave. Micah encounters Jose at the party and they reconnect. Bette tells Dani that she is ending her relationship with Felicity. To Shane's shock, her ex-wife Quiara appears at the party.
55"Labels"Erica WatsonTatiana Suarez-PicoJanuary 5, 2020 (2020-01-05)0.171[12]
Alice, Nat and Gigi begin a three-way relationship. Dani's father sends Dani a prenuptial for Sophie to sign, stating that only Dani's biological children are entitled to be heirs. Dani and her father fight and Dani finds comfort from Bette. Quiara reveals to Shane that she is pregnant, but wants Shane back, and says Shane does not have to help raise the child. Shane is uncertain. José tells Micah he loves him, but Micah wants to take things slowly. After confessing to Tess that she slept with Shane, Lena disappears. Shane asks Finley to help out at "Dana's", where Tess begins drinking again and has sex with Finley. Bette breaks up with Felicity. Bette and friends attend Angie and Jordi's school play. Outside the theater in front of the press, an angry and drunk Tyler Adams, tipped off by Felicity, shames Bette about sleeping with Felicity again. Tyler attempts to assault Angie but Bette punches him; he hits his head on the ground and is knocked unconscious.
66"Loose Ends"Logan KibensNancy C. MejiaJanuary 12, 2020 (2020-01-12)0.207[13]
Bette considers dropping out of the mayoral race after Tyler threatens to press charges for assault. Ex-wife Tina arrives to offer support; they discuss past relationship issues and Tina not showing for Kit's funeral. Angie passes her driving test, and with support from Shane and Quiara, she tells Jordi she loves her. Shane reveals to Finley that Quiara is moving in and asks Finley to move out. Sophie and Finley have a "bro night" with Sophie discussing her troubles with Dani. Pierce and Dani debate what to do next for Bette, but Pierce, who identifies as a trans man, walks out when he discovers Dani knew about Bette's affair with Felicity. Alice, Nat and Gigi wrestle with their throuple status when Gigi outs them to a waitress. Dani and Sophie grow more distant due to lack of communication. Bette tells the press that she will continue to run for mayor, and she confesses to the media that the system failed her sister Kit, when Kit was administered opioids for pain without anyone asking if she had a history of addiction. At the end of the episode, Bette and Tina admit that they still love each other, and Bette asks Tina not to leave.
77"Lose It All"Jennifer ArnoldFrancesca ButlerJanuary 19, 2020 (2020-01-19)0.241[14]
Micah's mother meets Jose and accidentally humiliates Micah by showing Jose pictures of Micah from before his transition, but amends are quickly made. Tina and Bette have dinner at Bette's house, where Tina mentions that she is moving to Los Angeles to be closer to Angie. Bette appears hopeful to rekindle their relationship, but Tina reveals that she is engaged to Carrie. Alice's show's ratings decline, nearing potential cancellation, with the network demanding something hot and viral to boost ratings. Alice walks in on Nat and Gigi in bed. Angry and hurt, Alice moves in with Shane. At a lunch a few days later, Nat and Gigi reveal to Alice that they want to continue being a throuple, but Alice leaves in disgust. Sophie's grandmother has an accident and is hospitalized; Dani is too busy to be at the hospital. Finley helps and comforts Sophie at the hospital and the two share a kiss. Sophie confides the kiss to her sister, who suggests that Sophie to tell Dani. Bette's mayoral rival, Jeff Milner, publishes a negative campaign ad denouncing Bette as a womanizer and a homewrecker. Despite this, Bette vows not to create any negative attack ads.
88"Lapse in Judgement"Marja-Lewis RyanMarja-Lewis Ryan & Allie Romano & Thomas Page McBeeJanuary 26, 2020 (2020-01-26)0.218[15]
A tight mayoral race results in a win for Milner. Quiara believes Shane was relieved by Quiara's miscarriage, throws her ring at Shane and leaves. Alice goes against the producers' wishes regarding content and invites Roxane Gay on the show; they discuss polyamorous relationships. Nat appears, goes on stage and tells Alice that she loves her and wants only her. Finley and Sophie have sex backstage, but in her guilt, Finley decides to leave for Missouri. Bette tells Dani that Milner has asked Bette to spearhead an opioid task force. Dani shares that her father's company has contributed big pharma money to Milner's campaign, meaning that Bette is being used by Milner, who has no real interest in opioid control. Bette and Angie go on a spiritual hike to grieve for Kit and the mayoral race loss. While attending Jose's art show, Micah meets a man claiming to be Jose's husband. Dani asks Sophie to elope with her to Hawaii. At the airport, Finley is on her way home to Missouri and Dani waits for the flight to Hawaii. Sophie makes a decision about whom to follow, running through the airport. It is left unrevealed if she has chosen Dani or Finley.



A sequel to The L Word was confirmed to be in development by Showtime on July 11, 2017.[16] Marja-Lewis Ryan was confirmed as showrunner and executive producer on November 20, 2017; original L Word series creator and showrunner Ilene Chaiken will serve as executive producer, with Jennifer Beals, Katherine Moennig, and Leisha Hailey also serving as executive producers.[16][17] The L Word:Generation Q will consist of eight episodes.[18] It premiered on December 8, 2019.[1]

In anticipation of the show, several LGBTQIA outlets have created special programming, such as Autostraddle's podcast To L & Back: An L Word Podcast;[19][20] two episodes of Ru Paul's podcast, Ru Paul: What's the Tee? (one of which is a conversation with L Word producer and cast member Kate Moennig);[21] an episode of Margaret Cho's podcast, The Margaret Cho, featuring comedian Fortune Feimster who will appear in The L Word as a guest star;[22][23] and Cameron Esposito's podcast, Queery, in which she interviews original L Word creator Ilene Chaiken[24] .[25]

On January 13, 2020, the series was renewed for a second season.[3] Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, filming for the second season was delayed for several months and was originally expected to premiere in late 2020. Production for the second season finally began in December 2020.[26][27]


Jennifer Beals, Katherine Moennig, and Leisha Hailey reprised their roles from the original series.[28] Bette and Tina's daughter Angelica, depicted as an infant in the original series, was portrayed as a teenager by Jordan Hull.[29] Sarah Shahi stated that she would reprise her role as Carmen de la Pica Morales, though Showtime did not officially confirm her involvement, and Shahi ultimately did not appear in the series.[30] Pam Grier stated that she would not reprise her role as Kit Porter due to shooting conflicts with the ABC series Bless This Mess.[31] Kit was subsequently written out of the series as having died of a drug overdose.

Ryan stated that she wished to introduce new characters to the series in order to have it "live on in a different space."[18] Arienne Mandi, Leo Sheng, Jacqueline Toboni, and Rosanny Zayas were confirmed as series regulars on June 24, 2019,[32] and Sepideh Moafi was confirmed as a series regular on August 2, 2019.[1] Brian Michael Smith and Stephanie Allynne were confirmed for recurring guests on June 27, 2019.[33] Olivia Thirlby, Fortune Feimster, Lex Scott Davis, and Sophie Giannamore were confirmed for guest roles on July 23, 2019,[34] while Freddy Miyares, Jamie Clayton, and Carlos Leal were confirmed for recurring roles on July 31, 2019.[35] On December 2, 2019, Jillian Mercado was cast in a recurring role.[36] Laurel Holloman returning as Tina Kennard was teased during the series' promotion but not confirmed until the sixth episode aired; her appearance was revealed before the episode's opening credits.

On December 9, 2020, for the second season, Jordan Hull was promoted to a series regular while Rosie O'Donnell, Donald Faison, and Griffin Dunne were cast to guest star.[7]


The series premiered on December 8, 2019 on Showtime. The UK television premiere was on Sky Atlantic on February 4, 2020[37] The first episode of the second season is scheduled to debut on August 6, 2021 on streaming and on-demand for Showtime subscribers, ahead of its Showtime premiere on August 8, 2021. Each episode of the second season is scheduled be released to stream on demand every Friday, ahead of its weekly Showtime on-air premieres.[4]


Critical response[edit]

On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the series holds an approval rating of 83% based on 29 reviews, with an average rating of 6.86/10. The website's critical consensus reads, "Though at times Generation Q doesn't quite stand on its own, it has style and charm to spare and announces a new phrase for The L Word that will please new and old fans alike.[38] On Metacritic, it has a weighted average score of 60 out of 100, based on 13 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews".[39]


Viewership and ratings per episode of The L Word: Generation Q
No. Title Air date Rating
DVR viewers
Total viewers
1 "Let's Do It Again" December 8, 2019 0.05 0.241[8] 0.111 0.352[40]
2 "Less Is More" December 15, 2019 0.05 0.236[9] 0.112 0.348[41]
3 "Lost Love" December 22, 2019 0.05 0.248[10] N/A N/A
4 "LA Times" December 29, 2019 0.04 0.226[11] 0.132 0.358[42]
5 "Labels" January 5, 2020 0.03 0.171[12] 0.131 0.302[43]
6 "Loose Ends" January 12, 2020 0.05 0.207[13] 0.150 0.357[44]
7 "Lose It All" January 19, 2020 0.05 0.241[14] 0.141 0.382[45]
8 "Lapse in Judgement" January 26, 2020 0.06 0.218[15] 0.103 0.321[46]


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