The Labor Union

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The Labor Union
Studio album by King Syze
Released August 5, 2008
Recorded 2006-2008
Genre Underground hip hop, hardcore hip hop
Length 48:56
Label Babygrande Records
King Syze chronology
The Labor Union
Collective Bargaining
(2011)Collective Bargaining2011

The Labor Union is the second studio album by underground rapper King Syze. It was officially released on 5 August 2008 via Babygrande Records.[1]


In 2008, King Syze released his second studio album The Labor Union. The album was known for "Syze lacing his relentless, rapid-fire flow over a slew of spine-tingling gutter tracks" It contained production from Team 707, DJ Waxwork, Skammadix, and MTK. The album was considered an underground cult classic.[2]

Track listing[edit]


No. Title Producer Length
1. "The Labor Union" 707 Team Productions 3:42
2. "The Best" Skammadix 4:04
3. "Play Ya Part" (Featuring Doap Nixon & Ill Bill) Ill Bill & Sicknature 3:56
4. "Creep Show" (Featuring King Magnetic & Lawrence Arnell) Skammadix 4:13
5. "Love Vs. Hate" 707 Team Production 3:06
6. "Cement Work" Snowgoons 3:30
7. "Haters Beware" (Featuring Planetary) 707 Team Productions 3:34
8. "Mayhem" (Featuring Army of the Pharaohs) Mayhem 5:47
9. "That's How You Rap" Undefined 3:26
10. "And Now" (Featuring Apathy & Vinnie Paz) Tut The Instrumentalist 4:10
11. "Pain" 707 Team Productions 3:17
12. "Sibling Rivalry (Part 2)" (Featuring OuterSpace) MTK 3:50
13. "Reality Check" MTK 2:24