The Lady of the Barge

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The Lady of the Barge
Author W.W. Jacobs
Country United Kingdom UK
Language English
Genre Horror, humor
Publisher Alan Rodgers Books
Publication date
Media type Print
ISBN 978-1-59818-529-4

The Lady of the Barge is an anthology of short stories by W.W. Jacobs, first published in 1902. Many of Jacobs' most famous short stories were included in this collection.


This volume includes the notorious classic tale, "The Monkey's Paw," as well as "The Lady of the Barge," "Bill's Paper Chase," "The Well," "Cupboard Love," "In the Library," "Captain Rogers," "A Tiger's Skin," "A Mixed Proposal," "An Adulteration Act," "A Golden Venture," and "Three at Table."

Stories collected in The Lady of the Barge[edit]

  • "The Monkey's Paw"
  • "The Lady of the Barge"
  • "Bill's Paper Chase"
  • "The Well"
  • "Cupboard Love"
  • "In the Library"
  • "Captain Rogers"
  • "A Tiger's Skin"
  • "A Mixed Proposal"
  • "An Adulteration Act"
  • "A Golden Venture"
  • "Three at Table"

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