The Lambeth Walk (film)

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The Lambeth Walk
"The Lambeth Walk" (1939).jpg
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Directed by Albert de Courville
Produced by Anthony Havelock-Allan
Written by John Paddy Carstairs (screenplay)
Clifford Grey
Robert Edmunds
Based on the musical by Noel Gay
Douglas Furber
Louis Arthur Rose
Starring Lupino Lane
Seymour Hicks
Sally Gray
Music by Louis Levy (musical director)
Cinematography Francis Carver
Edited by Lister Laurance
Richard Best
Distributed by MGM
Release date
3 April 1939 (U.K.)
Running time
84 min
Country United Kingdom
Language English

The Lambeth Walk is a 1939 British musical comedy film directed by Albert de Courville and starring Lupino Lane, Sally Gray and Seymour Hicks.[1] It was an adaptation of the 1937 musical Me and My Girl, and was released under that title in the U.S. The film takes its British title from the play's best known song The Lambeth Walk. The star of the musical, Lupino Lane, reprised his lead role in the film.[2]


Bill Snibson, a chancer from Lambeth Walk in South London, is informed that he has been discovered to be the long-lost heir to a title and castle which he can claim provided he is able to convince his new relations that he has enough aristocratic bearing. Things soon begin to go awry however, particularly when Sally, Bill's girlfriend from Lambeth, turns up.



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