The Lansdowne Tapes

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The Lansdowne Tapes is an early Uriah Heep compilation album released in 1994.

The recordings featured on the album date from the time before the formation of Uriah Heep. The early history begins with a band called Spice. Featuring Mick Box, David Garrick — who later changed his name to David ByronPaul Newton and Alex Napier, they were signed to Gerry Bron's company Hit Record Productions on 1 August 1969. These early recordings feature tracks laid down by Spice at the Lansdowne Recording studios from July to December 1969, many of which formed part of Spice's live set at the time. Originally intended for an album release, these songs were shelved when Ken Hensley became a member of the band. His influence gave them a distinctive sound in February 1970 this was marked with a name change to Uriah Heep, in time for their first album ...'Very 'Eavy ...Very 'Umble', which was scheduled for May 1970 release.

The rest of the album features material taped by the embryonic Uriah Heep line-ups. It includes several takes of old favourites and previously unreleased tracks that were recorded for the first three albums, all taped during 1969-1971.

Much of the material required extensive recovery work and all has been newly mixed down from the original 8-track tapes at Lansdowne Studios. Mick Box, Paul Newton and Ken Hensley have co-operated in the production, reportedly fascinated to hear this old material once again. The collector's edition is complemented by an inlay of rare photos from the period, together with cuttings, a full history of the transition from Spice to Uriah Heep, and details of each individual track.

Track listing[edit]

Song Length Lineup
1 "Born in a Trunk" (Mick Box, David Byron) 3:47 #1
2 "Simon the Bullet Freak" (Ken Hensley) 3:29 #3
3 "Here Am I" (Hensley) 8:14 #3
4 "Magic Lantern" (Box, Byron) 8:33 #1
5 "Why" (11:18 minute version) (Box, Byron, Hensley, Paul Newton) 11:18 #4
6 "Astranaza" (Box, Byron) 4:47 #1
7 "What's Within My Heart" (Hensley) 5:26 #3
8 "What Should Be Done" (Hensley) 4:28 #4
9 "Lucy Blues" (Box, Byron) 5:11 #2
10 "I Want You Babe (Behind the Green Shed Blues)" (Box, Byron) 5:43 #1
11 "Celebrate" (Bonner, Alan Gordon) 4:26 #1
12 "Schoolgirl" (Box, Byron) 3:26 #1
13 "Born in a Trunk" (Instrumental) (Box, Byron) 4:02 #1
14 "Look at Yourself" (Hensley) 3:21 #4
15 "Dreammare" (Newton) 1:11 #2


  1. SPICE : Mick Box (guitars), David Byron (vocals), Paul Newton (bass), Alex Napier (drums), Colin Wood (keyboards)
  2. URIAH HEEP : Mick Box (guitars), David Byron (vocals), Paul Newton (bass), Nigel Olsson (drums), Ken Hensley (keyboards)
  3. URIAH HEEP : Mick Box (guitars), David Byron (vocals), Paul Newton (bass), Keith Baker (drums), Ken Hensley (keyboards)
  4. URIAH HEEP : Mick Box (guitars), David Byron (vocals), Paul Newton (bass), Iain Clarke (drums), Ken Hensley (keyboards)