The Last Basselope

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The Last Basselope, One Ferocious Story
Last bassalope.jpg
Author Berkeley Breathed
Illustrator Berkeley Breathed
Cover artist Berkeley Breathed
Country United States
Language English
Series Bloom County
Genre Comedy
Publisher Little Brown & Co
Publication date
April 1, 1992

The Last Basselope is a children's book by Berkeley Breathed published in 1992.[1][2] The 32 page story depicts Breathed's Outland characters, led by Opus the Penguin,[3] hunting the last remaining specimen of a purportedly fierce beast called a Basselope.[4] Once found, the beast—named Rosebud—turns out to be friendly and harmless.[3]

The book has been recommended as a resource with which to teach about the concept of endangered species and extinction.[4]


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