The Last Days (2005 film)

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The Last Days
Directed by Eric Bryan
Produced by Eric Bryan
Written by Eric Bryan
  • Gregory Scott
  • Charles Boohacker
  • Matt Carter
Music by Daniel Rubio
  • Eric Bryan
  • Tommy Canary
  • Chris Tucker
Edited by Eric Bryan
  • Cahaba Moon Productions
  • Pale Horse Pictures
Release date
  • June 15, 2005 (2005-06-15)
Running time
51 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Last Days is a 2005 war film directed by Eric Bryan. It is among the films being shown at the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, "Film for the People".[1]


The year is 1945 and the Germans have just surrendered. An airborne unit is ordered to a nearby way-station to help process German surrenders. Along the way, they cross paths with a broken Werhmacht unit that's been cut off for days and does not know the war is officially over. With no translators in either group, they must overcome the language barrier before it is too late.


Role Actor
Private First Class William Hulsey Barry Battles
Eva Henderson Charity Battles
Fritz Glower Jonathan Bearden
First Lieutenant Gary Solski Charles Bookaker
Private First Class Jack Collins Matt Carter
Schütze Stefan Vogt Jackson Davis
Gefreiter Gunter Reinhardt Anthony Guin
Obergefreiter Eberhard Mueller Stephen Hartsfield
Oberschütze Hans-Georg Wulf Griffin Hood
Hauptmann Friedrich Fleischer Tom O'Connell
Corporal Richard Thomas Scott Ridgeway
Private Sean Williams Brad Roller
First Sergeant Peter Henderson Gregory Scott
Oberschütze Dieter Fruehauf Chris Smith
Unteroffizier Alexander Hertz Nicholas Yohn


The film began as a five-minute short, but it was eventually expanded to 51 minutes.[1]


The Last Days played at the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival on September 24, 2005.[2]


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