The Last Days of Louisiana Red

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The Last Days of Louisiana Red
First edition
Author Ishmael Reed
Country USA
Language English
Publisher Random House
Publication date
Media type Print
Pages 177
ISBN 0394491882

The Last Days of Louisiana Red (1974) is a novel written by Ishmael Reed. It is considered a model novel of the Black Arts Movement and contains many elements of postmodernism. It continues the story of the character Papa LaBas introduced in Reed's previous novel, 1972's Mumbo Jumbo. The book revolves heavily around voodoo.[1][2]

Plot summary[edit]

A satiric look at 1960s politics, The Last Days of Louisiana Red follows investigator Papa LaBas as he tries to figure out who murdered Ed Yellings, the proprietor of the Solid Gumbo Works. In the story, Labas finds himself fighting the rising tide of violence propagated by Louisiana Red and the militant opportunists, the Moochers. Eventually, Labas learns that the murder has been a conspiracy to dethrone the Gumbo business because Ed was trying to create medicine that would stop heroin addiction.

Characters in "The Last Days of Louisiana Red"[edit]

  • Ed Yellings - the proprietor of the Business known as Solid Gumbo Works. He is murdered early in the novel, and his Business is passed on to his son, Wolf.
  • Wolf - one of the two sons of Ed Yellings.
  • Sister - one of the daughters of Ed Yellings.
  • Minnie - the youngest daughter of Ed Yellings, she leads a society known as the Moochers.
  • Papa Labas - a sort of detective character who tries to figure out the mystery behind Ed Yellings' murder.
  • Nanny Lisa - a nanny who lives at the home of Ed Yellings and takes care of the children. She forms a very special bond with Minnie.


External links[edit]

  • Author maintained web site [1]