The Last Days of Pompeii (miniseries)

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DVD cover of the series.

The Last Days of Pompeii is an Italian-American 1984 television miniseries filmed at Pinewood Studios and broadcast on ABC-TV and Rai, adapting the 1834 novel of the same name by Edward Bulwer-Lytton. It was the second English-language adaptation of the book for film or television (previously adapted mainly in Italian; the 1935 RKO film was unrelated to the novel and the 1900 adaptation by Walter R. Booth, the first adaptation to the cinema in English language, was a short film).

On June 5, 2012 Sony released the mini-series on DVD.[1]


Actor Name Description
Tony Anholt Lepidus A Roman noble; friend of Glaucus, Clodius and Sallust.
Ned Beatty Diomed A wealthy merchant; married to Lucretia and the father of Julia.
Joyce Blair Lucretia A wealthy Married to Diomed and mother to Julia.
Brian Blessed Olinthus A blacksmith and devout Christian.
Ernest Borgnine Marcus A slave owner.
Peter Cellier Calenus A priest of Isis; brother to Burbo.
Nicholas Clay Glaucus A Greek noble.
George Claydon Philos A dwarf artist.
Brian Coburn Burbo A tavern owner; brother of Calenus and married to Stratonice.
Francesca Romana Coluzzi Stratonice A brothel owner; married to Burbo
Brian Croucher Melior A gladiator.
Lesley-Anne Down Chloe A prostitute with a young son; in love with Petrus.
Howard Goorney Joseph A Christian missionary.
Stephen Greif Sporus A gladiator.
Olivia Hussey Ione A soon to be priestess of Isis; sister of Antonius.
Malcolm Jamieson Petrus A slave to Diomed; in love with Chloe.
Howard Lang Medon A slave to Diomed; father of Lydon.
Catriona MacColl Julia The daughter of Diomed and Lucretia.
Siobhán McKenna Fortunata A Roman noble; married to Gaius.
Franco Nero Arbaces The Egyptian High Priest of the Cult of Isis.
Laurence Olivier Gaius A former senator from Rome; married to Fortunata.
Linda Purl Nydia A blind slave.
Anthony Quayle Quintus The head Magistrate of Pompeii.
Michael Quill Catus An assistant to Olinthus.
Duncan Regehr Lydon A gladiator and former slave.
David Robb Sallust A Roman noble; friend of Glaucus, Clodius and Lepidus.
Barry Stokes Gar A Germanic gladiator.
Gerry Sundquist Clodius A poor Roman noble.
Benedict Taylor Antonius A priest of Isis; brother of Ione.
Marilu Tolo Xenia A prostitute.


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