The Last Film Festival

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The Last Film Festival
Directed by Linda Yellen
Produced by
  • Bill Blum
  • Andrew Goldstein
  • Bob Jorissen
  • Linda Yellen
Written by
  • Linda Yellen
  • Michael Leeds
Cinematography Mauricio Rubinstein
Edited by Bob Jorissen
Country United States
Language English

The Last Film Festival is an upcoming American film starring Dennis Hopper, Leelee Sobieski, Katrina Bowden, Chris Kattan and Jacqueline Bisset. It is written and directed by Linda Yellen.[1] Yellen hosted a special screening of the film in September 2013 in New York City.[2] The film is seeking financial support to fully complete.[3]

Plot synopsis[edit]

Machiavellian producer Nick Twain (Hopper) has enjoyed a long and luxurious career, but all that is about to change unless he has a hit. He shows up at the small town of O’Hi, dragging Hollywood’s most desperate with him.



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