The Last Mughal

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The Last Mughal
Author William Dalrymple
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Subject Narrative history
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Publication date
Media type Print (hardcover, paperback)
ISBN 9780670999255
OCLC 70402016
Preceded by Begums Thugs and White Mughals
Followed by Nine Lives: In Search of the Sacred in Modern India

The Last Mughal, The Fall of a Dynasty, Delhi 1857 is a 2006 historical book by William Dalrymple.


The book, Dalrymple's sixth, and his second to reflect his long love affair with the city of Delhi, won praise for its use of "The Mutiny Papers", which included previously ignored Indian accounts of the events of 1857. He worked on these documents in association with the Urdu scholar Mahmood Farooqui.[1]

It won the 2006 Duff Cooper Memorial Prize for History and Biography, and the 2007 Vodafone Crossword Book Award.


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