The Last Sherlock Holmes Story

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The Last Sherlock Holmes Story
First UK edition
Author Michael Dibdin
Language English
Genre Mystery novels
Publisher Jonathan Cape (UK)
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 192
ISBN 0-224-01578-8

The Last Sherlock Holmes Story is a Sherlock Holmes pastiche novel by Michael Dibdin.

The novel is an account of Holmes' attempt to solve the Jack the Ripper murders. Holmes suspects the Ripper to be his nemesis, James Moriarty.[1] There is a twist ending revealed the Holmes himself had invented the character of Moriarty due to insanity, and was himself committing the crimes, a twist which some reviewers have found to be clever[2] while others found disappointing. There is also an ambiguity to the revelation as despairingly Holmes tries to explain to Watson that Moriarty has fooled Watson and framed Holmes.[3][4]

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