The Last Song (Poison song)

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"The Last Song"
Single by Poison
from the album Power to the People
B-side Strange
Released July 2000
Format CD single, digital download
Recorded 2000
Genre Rock
Label Cyanide Records
Writer(s) Michaels; DeVille; Dall; Rockett
Producer(s) Richie Zito, Bret Michaels
Poison singles chronology
"Power to the People"
"The Last Song"

"The Last Song" is a power ballad song by American hard rock band Poison. It was the second and final single from their 2000 album, Power to the People.

"The Last Song" was one of five new tracks on the half live half studio album, the others being "Power to the People" (first single), "Strange", Can't Bring Me Down" and for the first time on vocals C.C. DeVille sings the track "I Hate Every Bone In Your Body But Mine".[1] The song was released as a single in July 2000 under the bands Cyanide Records.


The lyrics describe lost love; it describes the narrators "last day" and "last song".

Track listing[edit]

  • Track 1 - "The Last Song"
  • Track 2 - "Strange"


The B-side is the album track "Strange" which has been played live by the band a couple times on the Power to the People Tour in 2000.[2]


"The Last Song" is on the following albums.

Live performance[edit]

The song has only been played three times by the band once on the "Power to the People" tour once on the "Glam, Slam, Metal, Jam" Tour and once on the "Hollyweird" tour.[3]


Credits are adapted from liner notes of "Power to the People".[4]


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