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The Last Starfighter: The Musical is a musical adaptation of the 1984 science fiction film The Last Starfighter. It was first presented at the Storm Theatre in New York City in October 2004. A staged reading which involved moderate revisions of music, lyrics, and book was presented at the 2006 New York Musical Theatre Festival, starring Brian Earp (Alex) and Jessica Skerritt (Maggie).


The Original Cast was as follows (The Storm Theater Opening Night October 15, 2004):

  • Charlie Pollock (Alex Rogan/Beta)
  • William Parry (Otis/Grig)
  • Julia Motyka (Maggie)
  • Joseph Kolinski (Centauri)
  • Jan Leigh Herndon (Mrs. Miriam Rogan)
  • Travis Walters (Louis Rogan)
  • DeeGee Brandemour (Granny)
  • Georga Osborne (Elaine/Manzar)
  • Bernardo De Paula (Blake/Zur)
  • Paul Jackel (Harry/Enduran/Zandozan)
  • Hugh Brandon Kelly (Hugh/Genera Kril)
  • Jonathan Richard Sandler (Jerry/Beta Double/G'Nur)
  • Brad Coolidge (Marty/Lt. Parak)
  • Heather Spore (Jenny/Miss July/Taura)
  • Catherine Remmert (Darlene/Zur's Assistant)

The Village Theater Festival of New Musicals cast was as follows:

  • DeeGee Brandemour (Granny)*
  • Michael Cone (Hugh, General Kril)
  • Bernardo De Paula (Blake, Xur)*
  • Marc dela Cruz (Marty, Lieutenant Parak)
  • James Donegan (The Zandozan, Stage Directions)
  • Brian Earp (Alex Rogan, Beta)
  • Paul Jackel (Harry, Enduran)
  • Bruce Kimmel (Otis, Grig)
  • Joseph Kolinski (Centauri)*
  • Georga Osborne (Elaine, Manzar)*
  • Abby Duke Polalrd (Jenny, Miss July, Sergeant Taura)
  • Catherine Remmert (Xur's Assistant)*
  • Michael Restaino (Louis)
  • Jonathan Richard Sandler (Jerry, Gnur)
  • Maureen Silliman (Miriam Rogan)
  • Jessica Skerrit (Maggie)

(* =Member of the original 2004 Cast)

The show was given a full production as part of the 2007 New York Musical Theatre Festival, which opened on September 28, 2007, directed by Elizabeth Lucas and choreographed by David Eggers. The design team included set design by Anne Allen Goelz, costume design by Mark Richard Caswell and lighting design by Herrick Goldman. The creative staff included Julie Miller (Production Manager/Producer), Michael Cassara (Casting Director), Keith Truax (Technical Director), Michael Alifanz (Production Stage Manager) and Karen Marshall (Production Assistant).

The cast at NYMF included:

  • Joseph Kolinski (Centauri)
  • Don Mayo (Otis, Grig)
  • Danny Binstock (Alex Rogan, Beta)
  • Nora Blackall (Maggie)
  • Janet Carroll (Granny)
  • Adinah Alexander (Miriam Rogan)
  • Michael Cone (Hugh, General Kril)
  • Ryan Jesse (Blake, Xur)
  • Jesse J.P. Johnson (Marty, Lieutenant Parak)
  • Tom Treadwell (Harry, Enduran)
  • Mary Ellen Ashley (Elaine, Manzar)
  • Natalie Hall (Jenny, Miss July, Segeant Taura)
  • Patrick O. Henry (Louis)
  • Jonathan Richard Sandler (Jerry, Gnur)
  • Lauren Marcus (Darlene)
  • Jessica Blair (Judy)
  • Sean Montgomery (Toby)
  • Pearce Wegener (Dylan)
  • Shauna Goodgold (Lynn)


The Last Starfighter: The Musical features music and lyrics by Skip Kennon and book by Fred Landau. The Storm Theatre production was directed by Peter Dobbins with choreography and musical staging by Jennifer Paulson Lee. It was produced for the Storm Theatre by Dobbins and Chance Michaels. Scenic design by Todd Edward Ivins. Lighting by Michael Abrams. Sound design by Matthew Given.

Cast recording[edit]

In November 2005, the original cast recording was released on the Kritzerland label.

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