The Last Voyage (Doctor Who)

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The Last Voyage
Author Dan Abnett
Audio read by David Tennant
Series Doctor Who
(Tenth Doctor)
Release number
Publisher BBC Audio
Publication date
5 January 2010
Media type Audiobook
Audio CD
ISBN 1-4084-0940-2 (Audio CD)
Preceded by The Day of the Troll
Followed by Dead Air

The Last Voyage is an exclusive to audio Doctor Who story, produced as part of BBC Books' New Series Adventures line, and the sixth entry in the series to be produced. Written by author Dan Abnett and read by David Tennant, it features the Tenth Doctor travelling alone. It was released on 5 January 2010 and originally supposed to be the Tenth Doctor's final story, but was followed by Dead Air.


The Doctor lands the TARDIS on a space cruiser on its maiden voyage. This story bears a similarity to "The Langoliers" by Stephen King, where people disappear without cause. Only for a twist in the solution.