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The Law may refer to:

  • Torah in Jewish culture is also known as "The Law."


  • The Law, a peak of the Ochil Hills
  • Law, Dundee (locally referred to as "the Law"), an extinct volcanic peak at the centre of the Scottish city of Dundee


Film and TV[edit]

  • The Law (1959 film), with Gina Lollobrigida (original title: La Legge)
  • The Law (1974 film), TV film with Judd Hirsch, who revisited the role in the three-episode miniseries the next year
    • The Law (TV series), Emmy Award-, Humanitas Award-, Writers Guild of America Award-, Edgar Allan Poe award-winning 1975 miniseries
  • The Law (1990 film), 1990 award-winning Burkinabé drama film also known as Tilaï




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