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The Learning English Video Project is a free-distribution 7-part film series that documents English language learning and teaching styles around the world. The series is made by independent UK filmmaker Daniel Emmerson and the first film (Stories from Morocco) was released on 21 April 2009.

The Learning English Video Project (TLEVP) has a threefold aim: 1) to take an objective look at the learning and teaching of English around the world; 2) to encourage and motivate learners of English; and 3) to be in and of itself a listening comprehension exercise, complete with optional subtitles, transcripts, vocabulary, self-study exercises and classroom materials.

The project covers the following countries:

  • Morocco (Stories from Morocco)
  • Romania (Lessons from Romania)
  • USA (Tales from America)
  • Spain (Conversations in Spain)
  • China (Insights from China)
  • Brazil (Thoughts from Brazil)
  • UK (Inside the UK)

Each film averages 15 minutes in length and can be viewed online or downloaded.


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