The Legend of Lady Yang

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The Legend of Lady Yang
The Legend of Lady Yang.jpg
Traditional 楊貴妃
Simplified 杨贵妃
Mandarin Yáng Guìfēi
Cantonese Joeng4 Gwai3 Fei1
Literally Yang Guifei
Genre Historical fiction, costume drama, romance
Written by Chan Ching-yi
Chung Ching
Au-yeung San
Tsui Tat-chor
Directed by Lai Pak-kin
Leung Cheng-cheung
Sin Yin-fong
Wong Siu-ying
Ng Chun-chau
Starring Anne Heung
Kwong Wa
Melissa Ng
Florence Kwok
Louis Yuen
Theme music composer James Wong
Opening theme Nam Yee Joi Bat Fu Sam Ching (男兒再不負深情) performed by Amanda Lee
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 20
Executive producer(s) Chong Wai-kin
Location(s) Hong Kong
Editor(s) Chan Ching-yi
Running time 45 minutes per episode
Production company(s) TVB
Original network TVB Jade
Original release 21 February (2000-02-21) – 17 March 2000 (2000-03-17)

The Legend of Lady Yang is a Hong Kong television series based on the romance between Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang dynasty and his consort Yang Yuhuan. The series was produced by TVB and starred Anne Heung and Kwong Wa. It was first aired on TVB Jade from February to March 2000 in Hong Kong.


In the Tang dynasty, Emperor Xuan was deeply infatuated with his beautiful concubine Yang, who emerged form a poor orphan to the emperor's most beloved concubine in the palace. But everyone was jealous of Yang's wisdom and beauty. Concubine Mu Hui pretended to be friendly with Yang. But behind the mask, she plays tricks and ruined the relationship between Yang and concubine Mei, which brought about serious rivalry between the two.
Yang's cousin Chung was promoted to important positions which lead to the jealousy of Li Linpu. In addition, Chung and Yang vicariously brought about the rebellion of An Lushan, turning the palace into chaos. The emperor's mother urged Xuan to Kill Yang. How the legendary Yang would go?


Note: Some of the characters' names are in Cantonese romanisation.
Cast Role
Anne Heung Yeung Yuk-wan
Kwong Wa Lei Lung-kei
Melissa Ng Consort Mui
Florence Kwok Consort Mou (Villian)
Louis Yuen On Luk-san (Villian)
Fiona Yuen Yeung Yuk-yiu
Savio Tsang Yeung Kwok-chung (Villian)
Liu Kai-chi Ko Lik-si
Michelle Fung Empress Wong
Lily Leung Empress Dowager
Kwok Fung Lei Lam-fu
Derek Kok Wong-fu Wai-ming
Candy Chiu Consort Chiu
Lam Pui-yan Yeung Yuk-ling
Josephine Lam Yeung Yuk-sau
Wong Tin-dok Yeung Yuen-gwai
Ma Ching-yi Yeung Yuen-gwai's wife
Lo Chun-shun Prince Ning
Wong Chun-tong Si Sze-ming
Lee Kwok-lun Kwok Tze-yi
Gordon Liu Chan Yuen-lai
Wong Wai-leung Lei Bak

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