The Legend of Wong Tai Sin

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The Legend of Wong Tai Sin
The Legend of Wong Tai Sin.jpg
Genre Fantasy
Written by Cheung Kwok-wing
Chiu Ching-yung
Fong Sai-yin
Cheng Kai-lap
Wong Mei-seung
Long Sau-yan
Lau Ting-kin
Directed by Yau Ah-kwai
Benny Chan
Po Tang-chun
Wai Hon-to
Lee Hon-to
Starring Adam Cheng
Patrick Tse
Susanna Au-yeung
Sheren Tang
Kitty Lai
Patricia Chong
Rebecca Chan
Mary Hon
Opening theme The Illumination of a Thousand World (光照萬世) by Adam Cheng
Ending theme Passing with the Wind (隨風而逝) by Adam Cheng
Composer(s) Joseph Koo
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 20
Producer(s) Kam Chi-fai
Running time 45 minutes (20 episodes)
Production company(s) TVB
Original network TVB Jade
First shown in 1986
Original release 15 September – 10 October 1986

The Legend of Wong Tai Sin (黃大仙) is a TVB television series premiered in 1986 based on the story of Wong Tai Sin.


Theme song "The Illumination of a Thousand World" (光照萬世) and sub theme song "Passing With the Wind" (隨風而逝) were composed and arranged by Joseph Koo. The lyricist was Tang Wai-hung and performer was Adam Cheng.


Rain god Chisongzi (Adam Cheng) was supposed to take orders from heaven to rain many consecutive months to punish the humans via flood storms. However he could not bear to watch the humans suffer so much. The Jade Emperor then punishes the Rain god by sending him to be reincarnated as a human on earth.

In the Eastern Jin dynasty a fortune teller predicted that the current emperor would be overthrown by someone born on August 23 that year. The emperor ordered all babies born on that date killed. But even after the mass execution, the emperor would continue to have reoccurring nightmares about being assassinated. It turns out his own son, Prince Lung (Patrick Tse) was born on that date and ended up killing him. Lung would bring a lot of troubles to the kingdom in an effort to become the next ruler.

Rain god was now reincarnated as Wong Zo-ping, a miracle doctor and healer who tried to help many people along the way. Later Wong Zo-ping becomes heavenly deity on earth Wong Tai-sin to face off against the corrupt empire. He would eventually become a legendary icon.


Cast Role Description[1]
Adam Cheng Rain god Chisongzi
The god form in heaven, worked alongside Jade Emperor
Wong Cho-ping
The reincarnated human poor peasant who became miracle healer
Wong Tai Sin The god form on earth
Lung Tin-san (龍天燊) Wong Co-hei (黃初起) Brother of Wong Cho-ping
Patrick Tse Prince Lung (飛龍太子)
Susanna Au-Yeung Pui-san (歐陽珮珊) Zi Tin-ziu (指天椒)
Pao Fong (鮑方) Emperor
Rebecca Chan Princess Soen Soen (雙雙公主)
Teresa Mo
Sheren Tang Gu Sou-sou (孤素素)
Patricia Chong (莊靜而)
Shih Kien
Kwan Hoi-san
Lau Kong Brother of prince Lung
Mary Hon
Kitty Lai (黎美嫻) Cing yi (青兒) Peasant girl
Hon Ma-lei (韓瑪利)
Amy Hu (胡美儀)
Chung Leoi (張雷)
Jim Ping-hei (詹秉熙)
Wayne Lai Court councilor
Cheung Ying-choi (張英才)
Bak Man-biu

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