The Legend of the Golden Gun

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The Legend of the Golden Gun
Written by James D. Parriott
Directed by Alan J. Levi
Starring Jeff Osterhage
Hal Holbrook
Carl Franklin
Robert Davi
Theme music composer Jerrold Immel
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) B. W. Sandefur (producer)
Harve Bennett (executive producer)
Harris Katleman (executive producer)
Dean Zanetos (associate producer)
James D. Parriott (supervising producer)
Editor(s) Robert F. Shugrue
Cinematography Gerald Perry Finnerman
Running time 100 minutes
Production company(s) Bennett/Katleman Productions
Columbia Pictures Television
Distributor NBC
Columbia TriStar Domestic Television
Original network NBC
Original release
  • April 10, 1979 (1979-04-10)

The Legend of the Golden Gun is a 1979 television Western film, starring Jeff Osterhage, Hal Holbrook, Carl Franklin, and Robert Davi

Plot Summary[edit]

A young farmer and a bible-quoting runaway slave team up to track down the legendary Confederate guerrilla William Quantrill. Along the way they run into a legendary gunfighter, J.R. Swackhammer, who teaches the young farmer how to shoot and gives him a special gun that shoots seven rounds, the seventh which he must use to fight evil.


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