The Legend of the White Serpent (1956 film)

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The Legend of the White Serpent
Directed by Shirō Toyoda
Produced by Toho and Shaw Brothers
Written by Toshio Yasumi
Starring Ryo Ikebe
Shirley Yamaguchi
Kaoru Yachigusa
Bokuzen Hidari
Music by Makoto Sono
Edited by Kōichi Iwashita
Release date
  • July 22, 1956 (1956-07-22) (Japan)[1]
Running time
103 minutes
Country Japan
Hong Kong,China
Language Japanese

The Legend of the White Serpent (白夫人の妖恋 Byaku fujin no yoren?) aka Madame White Snake is a 1956 color (Eastmancolor) Japanese film directed by Shirō Toyoda. At the 6th Berlin International Film Festival it won the Honourable Mention (Colour) award.[2]

This film was made by Toho (Japan) in collaboration with the Shaw Brothers (Hong Kong). It is a film adaptation of the traditional Chinese legend The legend of the White Snake.


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