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The Liberal Part (La Parte Liberale, LPL) was a liberal and libertarian faction with The People of Freedom, a political party in Italy.

It was composed basically of former Liberals and Radicals, and also of some former Republicans and Socialists. Most of them came from Forza Italia, the party which has been home of most Italian liberals since 1994, and by its liberal factions, notably Popular Liberalism and Liberal Reformers.

Its leading members included Benedetto Della Vedova (a libertarian economist who had been leader of the Italian Radicals), Alfredo Biondi (a former Liberal who is currently President of Forza Italia's National Council), Daniele Capezzone (former leader of the Italian Radicals), Andrea Pastore, Giuseppe Calderisi, Marco Taradash, Enrico Musso, Enrico Nan, Mauro Mellini, Arturo Diaconale, Davide Giacalone, Alberto Mingardi, Raimondo Cubeddu, Giordano Bruno Guerri, Filippo Facci, Donato Robilotta, and Ernesto Caccavale.[1][2]

Despite initial clamour, the faction did not become a stable feature of the party and folded.


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