The Life Love & Other Mysteries Tour

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The Message about Life, Love, & Other Mysteries Tour
Tour by Point of Grace, 4Him
Legs 2
Point of Grace, 4Him concert chronology
The Whole Truth Tour
The Life Love & Other Mysteries Tour
The Steady On Tour

The Message about Life, Love, & Other Mysteries Tour was a nationwide arena concert tour which took place in the fall of 1996 and winter and spring of 1997. It was a co-headlining tour, with Point of Grace supporting their latest album Life Love & Other Mysteries and 4Him supporting their latest album The Message, henceforth the double name.


Point of Grace released their third studio album Life Love & Other Mysteries and announced a co-headlining tour with 4Him. This tour hit most major US markets and was so successful that a winter and spring leg were added onto their itinerary. Point of Grace's set focused on songs from their latest release, but "Point of Grace classics" such as "I'll Be Believing" and "The Great Divide" were also performed. A highlight of Point of Grace's set was the Noah skit, where they told the story of Noah by parodying hit songs of different time periods, covering the Andrews Sisters, Patsy Cline, Sister Sledge and Mariah Carey.

4 Him focused on material from their latest release as well, but gave the crowd what they wanted with some "oldies" of their own. The show came to a close with both groups performing their biggest hits together.

Set list[edit]

Point of Grace

  1. "Sing A Song"
  2. "Life Love & Other Mysteries"
  3. "I'll Be Believing"
  4. "You Are The Answer"
  5. "Jesus Doesn't Care"
  6. "Point of Grace on Broadway: The Story of Noah"
  7. "Dying To Reach You"
  8. "More Than Anything"
  9. "The House That Mercy Built"
  10. "We Exalt Thee"
  11. "Circle Of Friends"
  12. "Keep The Candle Burning"


  1. "Land Of Mercy"
  2. "Lay It All On The Line"
  3. "Real Thing"
  4. "Wings"
  5. "Where There Is Faith"
  6. "When It's Time To Go"
  7. "Shelter In The Rain"
  8. "Sacred Hideaway"
  9. "Measure Of A Man"
  10. "The Solid Rock"
  11. "The Message"
  12. "Center Of The Mark"
  13. "Jesus Is The Answer" (with Point of Grace)
  14. "Ride Of Life"


  1. "The Great Divide" (Point of Grace)
  2. "For Future Generations" (4Him)
  3. "Jesus Will Still Be There" (Point of Grace and 4Him)
  4. "The Basics Of Life" (4Him and Point of Grace)