The Life of Na Woon-gyu

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The Life of Na Woon-gyu
The Life of Na Woon-gyu poster.jpg
Hangul 나운규 일생
Hanja 나운규
Revised Romanization Na Woon-Gyui ilsaeng
McCune–Reischauer Na Un-kyu ilsaeng
Directed by Choi Moo-ryong
Produced by Hong Ui-seon
Written by Jeon Beom-sung
Yu Yeol
Choe Seong-gyu
Kim Gang-yun
Starring Choi Moo-ryong
Park Am
Music by Jeon Jong-kun
Cinematography Kim Deok-jin
Edited by Kim Hee-su
Release date
  • 1967 (1967)
Running time
119 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean

The Life of Na Woon-gyu (나운규 일생 Na Woon-Gyui ilsaeng) is 1967 South Korean film is about life and death of Na Woon-gyu who was film actor and director who struggled for rise of Korean cinema during Japanese rule of Korea. Na was played by the film's actor and director Choi Moo-ryong who was father of Choi Min-soo


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