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The Lifted Brow
Editors Ellena Sage, Gillian Te
Categories Literary magazines
Frequency Quarterly
Publisher Sam Coon
Year founded 2007
Country Australia
Based in Melbourne
Language English
ISSN 1835-5668

The Lifted Brow (also known as TLB and/or the Brow) is a not-for-profit literary organisation from Australia that publishes magazines and books for both Australian and global readership, as well as producing events, running prizes, and more. Its flagship publication is a quarterly print magazine/journal, also called The Lifted Brow, which is read all around the world — according to the publication's website.[1] The headquarters of the magazine is in Melbourne.[2]

History and profile[edit]

Established in 2007 by Ronnie Scott,[3] and run since early 2012 by Sam Cooney[4] along with a large team,[5] the print magazine/journal The Lifted Brow can also be read online[6] and via an iOS app.[7] The Lifted Brow is currently edited by Ellena Savage[8] and Gillian Terzis,[9] with a large editorial and support team. The Lifted Brow also publishes original content regularly on its website focussing on two major areas: social commentary, and literary criticism and discussion.

Loosely falling under the literary journal category, the print edition publishes longform non-fiction and fiction, flash fiction, commentary, criticism, poetry, as well as artwork, drawings, comics, and music; it has long been considered "uncategorisable".[10] Early versions of the publication were perfect-bound journal format, and then in tabloid newsprint format, before evolving to the high-quality matte magazine format that is currently published four times annually. For a few years, editions of The Lifted Brow included an arts and cultural lift-out called "Middlebrow", which featured film, book, and television reviews, and articles profiling new video games, theatre, and music. Some editions have been themed; themes have included "Food", "Sex", "Music", "Medicine", "Art", "Ego", "Perth", and "David Foster Wallace".

In 2013 The Lifted Brow published its first anthology: The Best of The Lifted Brow: Volume One.[11] Edited by Ronnie Scott and celebrating the first five years of the magazine (2007-2011) it features David Foster Wallace, Frank Moorhouse, Jim Shepard, Karen Russell, Daniel Handler, Lisa Brown, Heidi Julavits, Adam Levin, Karen Coin, Rick Moody, Robert Shearman, n a bourke, Glen David Gold, Blake Butler, Michaela McGuire, Chris Somerville, Liam Pieper, Sam Cooney, Romy Ash, Luke Ryan, Tao Lin, Benjamin Law, Benjamin Kunkel, Christos Tsiolkas, Tom Cho, Rebecca Giggs, Alice Pung, Elspeth Muir, and Anna Krien.

In late 2014 The Lifted Brow begun the running of its now-annual Prize for Experimental Non-fiction,[12] with judges John D'Agata, Mallory Ortberg and Rebecca Giggs declaring Oscar Schwartz the winner in 2015 for his piece 'Humans pretending to be computers pretending to be humans'.[13] The 2016 prize judges are Helen Macdonald, Kate Zambreno, Dodie Bellamy and Maria Tumarkin.

In 2015 The Lifted Brow won the inaugural 'Best Original Non-fiction' prize,[14] judged by Shazna Nessa and Lynn Barber, at the Stack Magazines awards,[15] beating out over 170 other titles.

In 2015 The Lifted Brow announced that it was expanding into book publishing;[16] in August 2016 it will publish the debut novel of longtime Brow contributor Briohny Doyle.

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