The Lingo Show

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The Lingo Show
Genre Children's
Created by Nicole Seymour
Directed by Charlotte Bushell & Lee Kitchen
Starring Marc Silk
Lin Lin
Aurelie Harp
Fran Canals
Britta Gartner
Elen Rhys
Bhasker Patel
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
Mandarin (Teaches Mandarin)
French (Teaches French)
Spanish (Teaches Spanish)
German (Teaches German)
Welsh (Teaches Welsh)
Urdu (Teaches Urdu)
Punjabi (Teaches Punjabi)
Polish (Teaches Polish)
Somali (Teaches Somali)
No. of episodes 31
Producer(s) Adam Redfern
Running time 11 minutes
Production company(s) BBC
Dinamo Productions
Original network BBC, CBeebies
Picture format 16:9
Original release 12 March 2012 – 7 May 2013

The Lingo Show is a British flash animated children's television series created by Nicole Seymour, produced by the BBC and animated by Dinamo Productions for BBC's CBeebies channel and programming block. The characters and many other elements were designed by Kate Sullivan. The show, which combines flash animation with live action footage, is designed to introduce pre-school children to new languages. The series, which initially began as an interactive minisite on the CBeebies website,[1] began airing on CBeebies from 12 March 2012.[2]

Show format[edit]

The series revolves around a bug host named Lingo and his family of bugs, who each specialise in a different language. At the request of children, Lingo and his team travel around the UK to perform a Big Bug Show using one of their star performers. In each episode, the chosen bug searches around for props required for their act, introducing potential objects in their respective language, before bringing them back to Lingo so they can perform their Big Bug Show in front of the delighted preschool children.


The Lingo Show was originally created as an interactive flash minisite by CBeebies web producer Nicole Seymour, which launched in February 2011. The site features various activities which teach children new words in numerous languages; with the website periodically updated to include new languages. The site proved popular and in June that year, it was decided to bring the series to television format, with Dinamo Productions doing animation. The first series, consisting of fifteen episodes, began airing from 12 March 2012 and focuses on three languages, Mandarin, French and Spanish.[3] The second season, consisting of sixteen episodes, which teaches German, Welsh and Urdu, began airing from 20 May 2013 to 7 June 2013.[4]


The characters were designed by Kate Sullivan. Kikli, Dyzio, and Subah were planned to appear in the show, but were scrapped.

  • Lingo: The ringmaster ladybird of the Big Bug Show. He is in charge of bringing his Big Bug Stage across the world to host shows and often has wild ambitions as to what they could entail. Voiced by Marc Silk.
  • Wèi: A small bug who speaks Mandarin. He is often seen wearing roller skates and a crash helmet. Voiced by Lin Lin.[5]
  • Jargonaise: A female pink bug who speaks French. Voiced by Aurelie Harp.[6]
  • Queso: A cockroach who speaks Spanish. He is often seen carrying his guitar. Voiced by Fran Canals.[7]
  • Lieb: An athletic tick who speaks German. Voiced by Britta Gartner.[3]
  • Blodwen: A fuzzy green caterpillar who speaks Welsh. Voiced by Elen Rhys.[8]
  • Jaadoo: A white green striped bug who speaks Urdu. He is constantly seen riding a unicycle and comes from Pakistan. Voiced by Bhasker Patel.[9]
  • Dyzio: A stick insect who speaks Polish.[10]
  • Kikli: A yellow bug with a magic wand who speaks Punjabi.[11]
  • Subah: A green bug in a purple polka-dotted shell who speaks Somali.[12]
  • Bloozles: A group of small green worker bugs that helps Lingo in preparing for the Big Bug Show.
  • Floozles: The silent flying bugs that help Lingo prepare for the show too.


Episode Title Plot Original UK airdate[2]
1 Chop Chop Wei searches for something he can chop with his bare hands 12 March 2012
2 Wei's Giant Jump Wei decides to do a long jump for his show. 13 March 2012
3 Cannonbug Wei wants to be shot out of a cannon, but the cannon is broken. 14 March 2012
4 Wei Up High Wei decides to perform a stilt-walking act for his show 15 March 2012
5 Wei's Buggy Best 3 Wei chooses his top three moments. 16 March 2012
6 Can't Can't Jargonaise decides to do the Can-can. 19 March 2012
7 Trapeasy Rider Jargonaise decides to put on a trapeze act. 20 March 2012
8 Balancing Bug Jargonaise tries her hand at being a tightrope walker. 21 March 2012
9 The Limbo Show Jargonaise searches for some objects to limbo under. 22 March 2012
10 Jargonaise's Buggy Best 3 Jargonaise picks her top three moments. 23 March 2012
11 Strong Bug Queso demonstrates his weight lifting abilities. 25 March 2012
12 Questanets Queso decides to put on a flamenco show using castanets. 26 March 2012
13 Queso the Clown Queso puts on a clown act. 27 March 2012
14 Ice Cream Queso Queso searches around an ice cream van for his balancing act. 28 March 2012
15 Queso's Buggy Best 3 Queso picks his top three moments. 30 March 2012
16 A Lieb of Faith Lieb goes to the airport to find objects for a flying act. 20 May 2013
17 Trampo-Lieb 21 May 2013
18 Hop, Skip, Jump 22 May 2013
19 Gymtastic Bug-tastic 23 May 2013
21 Lieb's Buggy Best Three 24 May 2013
22 The Swingo Show 27 May 2013
23 The Great Sausage Spring 28 May 2013
24 Blodwen's Bread Bonnet 29 May 2013
25 The Big Bug Throw 30 May 2013
26 Blodwen's Buggy Best Three 31 May 2013
27 Jaadoo's Obstacle Spectacle 3 June 2013
28 Juggling Jaadoo 4 June 2013
29 Rain Sailing 5 June 2013
30 Wheely Good 6 June 2013
31 Jaadoo's Buggy Best Three 7 June 2013


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