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Jupiter Broadcasting
Podcast network
Industry Technology
Genre Science, Technology, News
Founded 2008
Founder Chris Fisher, Bryan Lunduke
Headquarters Seattle, Washington, U.S.
Key people
Chris Fisher, Angela Fisher
Products Video podcasts and Audio podcasts
Website www.JupiterBroadcasting.com

Jupiter Broadcasting is a podcasting network formed by Chris Fisher and Bryan Lunduke in May 2008 following the initial success of The Linux Action Show!. In 2008, the company had only two shows: The Linux Action Show! and CastaBlasta. As of early 2015 they produce nine video and audio podcasts.



  • Linux Action Show, a technology show featuring News, Interviews, Recommendations, Discussions and more with a focus on Linux, the Open Source Community and the Free-Software Community. LAS is hosted by Chris Fisher (2006–Present) and Noah Chelliah (February 1, 2015 – Present)[1][2][3]
  • Former Hosts of LAS:
    1. Matt Hartley (guest-hosting starting on May 12, 2012, then to full-time host from July 29, 2012 - January 25, 2015)
    2. Allan Jude (September 4, 2011 - December 18, 2011 and guest-hosting in 2012)
    3. Bryan Lunduke (2006 - July 15, 2012, minus a hiatus in 2011)[4][5]
  • TechSNAP, a "Systems, Networking, and Administration Podcast" in video form that discusses major security flaws in large systems. It is hosted by Dan and Wes Payne (previously Allan Jude and Chris Fisher).[2][3]
  • Unfilter, an unconventional news program that "unfilters the news" by reporting stories not covered by major networks, released in audio and video form. It is hosted by Chase Nunes and Chris Fisher.[3]
  • Coder Radio, a talk show that advises listeners on business and software development. It is hosted by Michael Dominick and Chris Fisher.[3][6]
  • BSD Now, an all-encompassing BSD video podcast covering a range of topics on a variety of BSDs. It is hosted by Allan Jude and Kris Moore.[3][7][8]
  • LINUX Unplugged, a spin-off of The Linux Action Show! where the hosts Chris Fisher and Wes Payne (formerly Chris Fisher and Matt Hartley) together with an open Mumble room discuses topics around Linux.[3][9][10]
  • User Error, random discussions featuring hosts Chris Fisher, Noah Chelliah, and "The Beard".[3]
  • Ask Noah, a community oriented Q & A show featuring live callers run by Noah Chelliah. The show is also broadcast live on a local radio station.


  • HowTo Linux, a show focusing on Linux tutorials geared toward new and experienced Linux users. Chris Fisher and Chase Nunes host.
  • Plan B, an audio show that discussed news relating to Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. New episodes may be produced.[11]
  • SciByte, an audio-only science news show which often discusses astronomy- and medicine-related news. It is hosted by Chris Fisher and Heather Rose.[3]


  • CastaBlasta, covered television shows and movies. Originally an audio-only podcast, it migrated to video before being put on an indefinite hiatus.
  • Jupiter@Nite, a loose talkshow-style show, its theme from current events with an emphasis on science and technology.
  • Legend of The Stoned Owl (LOTSO), a show that focused on video-games news and reviews.
  • Joint Failures, a general entertainment.
  • MMOrgue, focused specifically on massively multiplayer online games.
  • Northwest Goofballs, a show focusing on American football.
  • Radio Revolver, an audio-only show, which featured golden-age radio serials, such as "Journey Into Space", "Cloak and Dagger", "The Day The Earth Stood Still", etc.
  • STOked, focused on Star Trek Online.
  • TORked, focused on Star Wars: The Old Republic.
  • Mack Murphy, P.I., a scripted show about a fictional private investigator in 1920s Seattle, and is often satirical of Film Noir detective movies.
  • Beer is Tasty, a show which reviewed various beers.
  • Tech Talk Today, a daily commentary show focusing on tech news and Internet culture. Chris Fisher hosts with a rotating group of co-hosts and an open Mumble room.
  • FauxShow, branded as "not a real show, but a social experience", is a video podcast about topics which interest the hosts and includes heavy community involvement. Last broadcast to date was in February. 2016. It is hosted by Chris and Angela Fisher.[3]
  • Women’s Tech Radio, Interviews with women in technology related fields, hosted by Angela Fisher and Paige Hubbell.

Transmission technology[edit]

All shows are streamed live, and when shows are not being streamed there are usually repeats of past shows, The Computer Chronicles, movies, other podcasts (such as The No Agenda Show), or music licensed under Creative Commons licenses[disputed ]. Jupiter Broadcasting also uses social media such as an IRC channel[12] and reddit.[13][14] The company encourages viewer interaction during live streams.

In June 2012 Jupiter Broadcasting announced it would begin hosting a more active Live Radio segment, using Airtime. Members of the public could help participate by producing their own shows on a regular basis, creating a legitimate always-on Internet radio stream, featuring music held under the Creative Commons License (or other similarly permissive licenses) and interesting shows put together by the public when Jupiter Broadcasting is not streaming its own content.

As of early 2017 all shows from main JB1 studio are being streamed using Linux and open source technologies. All remaining proprietary software had been removed and replaced by free alternatives which according to Chris Fisher don't present any type of downgrade to quality of content.


The Linux Action Show came fourth after Richard Stallman in the Linux Journal for Best Linux/OSS Advocate/Evangelist for 2013.[15]


Jupiter Broadcasting was a media sponsor for Linuxfest Northwest 2014 and 2015.[16]


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