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The Linux Game Tome
Web address
(Offline as of April 2013)
Commercial No
Type of site
Linux as gaming platform
Registration Optional
Available in English
Owner Bob Zimbinski
Created by Tessa Lau
Launched 1995
Alexa rank
Negative increase 3,526,339 (April 2014)[1]
Current status Shut down permanently (April 2013)

The Linux Game Tome was a website which provided a comprehensive list of video games for Linux.


The Linux Game Tome featured a distinctive 1950s television ad look and feel.[2] It contained well over 2,000 games and game-related items[3] as well as a user rating system, discussion forums, and an IRC channel, at the time of closure. It also provided forums for game developers, and organized several make overs of "almost-there" Linux games such as Lincity. Also, some game servers for multiplayer gaming were operated, e.g. for the two first person shooters Cube and Legends.[2]


The site was started by Tessa Lau in 1995. She collected games from SunSITE's Linux games directories, and classic X11 games - for a database of just over 100 games.[4][2]

In 1998 maintenance was taken over by Bob Zimbinski who ran the site from that point to its closure.[4][5]

Hosting was provided by Michael Simms of Linux Game Publishing and Tux Games which caused shared downtime during late 2010.[6]

On March 25, 2013, it was announced that the Tome would shut down on April 13.[7] The site had gone without updates for several months prior to this announcement.


An archived version of the database has been made available, and the site linked to two different efforts, "Resurrecting the Tome" and "LGT Forum", to continue the project. A further project to restore the original database of "The Linux Game Tome" is currently working on the website "HappyPenguin - The Linux Game Tome".

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