The Lion in Love (play)

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The Lion in Love
Written byShelagh Delaney
Date premiered5 September 1960
Place premieredBelgrade Theatre, Coventry
Original languageEnglish
Setting"a town in the North of England"[1]

The Lion In Love is a 1960 play by the British dramatist Shelagh Delaney.[2] It was her second written play.[3] It was premiered at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry on 5 September 1960 [1][2] With a cast from the English Stage Company, the play commenced a run at the Royal Court Theatre in London on 29 December 1960.[1] The work has been described as a "follow up" to Delaney's 1958 play A Taste of Honey but did not achieve that earlier play's success.[4]


Royal Court Theatre 1960[edit]


Off-Broadway 1963[edit]

The Lion in Love had an Off-Broadway professional run in the United States in 1963.[5]


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