The Lion Roars Again

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The Lion Roars Again is a short film that documents an event that was hosted by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The event was the International Press Conclave of 1975. The film was shot in a span of a couple days and was used as a preview of upcoming MGM movies. The film was narrated by Wayne Thomas.

Plot summary[edit]

The film opens up with some commentary from the vice-president of MGM, Daniel Melnick. After the commentary the viewers are treated to tours of a film set. The film set that was toured was the set used for Logan's Run and viewers are even treated to a show about the dress design used in the film (a young David Hasselhoff is one of the costume models).

Next, Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire honor That's Entertainment, Part II, which was to be released the following year in 1976. Then a press conference with Stockard Channing for the upcoming film Sweet Revenge (then titled The All-American Girl), is hosted. The end of day one brings a dinner that hosts and honors the cast of The Sunshine Boys with a birthday cake presented to the host, Richard Benjamin. Walter Matthau and George Burns also address the members of the audience during this dinner.

The second day of the film begins with a conference for the movie Hearts of the West, released later that year. A premiere is then held for a new film titled The Wind and the Lion. After the film, the second day and the conclave is ended with a dinner and an elegant ball. The star-studded event is hosted on a sound stage that was fixed to resemble the Moroccan Desert, the same desert that was depicted in the latter film.


The title The Lion Roars Again is a play on MGM's famous trademark, Leo the Lion. During the 1960s and early 1970s MGM was said to have lost its luster and hold as a Hollywood stronghold. The phrase the lion has lost his roar became a popular saying for the MGM name. This film was to document MGM's comeback after Kirk Kerkorian bought the company, downsized severely, sold off assets, and otherwise attempted to revive the company.

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