The Little Black Fish

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The original book cover published in 1967. The illustrations by Farshid Mesghali won several awards including the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 1974.

The Little Black Fish (Azerbaijani: kiçik qara balıq), (Persian: ماهی سیاه کوچولو‎) is a well known children's book written by Samad Behrangi. The book was widely considered to be a political allegory, and was banned in pre-revolutionary Iran (prior to the 1978 revolution).[1] Other than noticeable story, the original illustrations of the book by Farshid Mesghali in 1974 got Hans Christian Andersen Award for children books.[2] Various translations of the book in different languages has been published in different countries. The latest translation of the book in English published in 2015 with its original illustrations.[3]



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  • In April 2015, the new translation of The Little Black Fish by Tiny Owl with its award-winning original illustrations got first in David Cadji Newby's top 10 children's books list for The Guardian.[6]



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