The Little Cafe (1919 film)

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The Little Cafe
The Little Cafe (1919) - Ad 1.jpg
Ad for the 1920 American release
Directed by Raymond Bernard
Written by Tristan Bernard (play)
Henri Diamant-Berger
Max Linder
Raymond Bernard
Starring Max Linder
Armand Bernard
Wanda Lyon
Distributed by Pathé
Release date
19 December 1919
Running time
55 min.
Country France
Language Silent (French intertitles)

The Little Cafe (French: Le petit café) is a 1919 French silent comedy film directed by Raymond Bernard and starring Max Linder, Armand Bernard and Joffre. It was based on the 1911 play The Little Cafe by Tristan Bernard.[1]


After inheriting a large sum of money, a Parisian waiter has to keep working in a cafe to honour his contract to his unscrupulous employer. While working there he falls in love with his employer's daughter.



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