The Little Fairy

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The Little Fairy
The Little Fairy.jpg
Also known as 'Fairy From Wonderland
Seven of the Sky'
Genre Costume drama, romance, fantasy, comedy
Directed by Lee Kwok-lap
Starring Hu Ge
Ariel Lin
Bobby Dou
Cecilia Han
Lu Yi
Tse Kwan-ho
Phyllis Quek
Florence Tan
Opening theme Yiyan Wannian (一眼萬年)performed by S.H.E
Ending theme Qiannian Lei (千年淚) performed by Tank
Composer(s) Mak Jan-hung
Country of origin China
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 30 (Standard version)
39 (Original version)
Producer(s) Karen Tsoi
Location(s) China
Running time 45 minutes per episode
Production company(s) Chinese Entertainment Shanghai
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The Little Fairy
Traditional Chinese 天外飛仙
Simplified Chinese 天外飞仙
Literal meaning Fairy From Wonderland

The Little Fairy is a 2005 Chinese television series based on the legend of the Fairy Couple during the Han Dynasty. The series was produced by Chinese Entertainment Shanghai.


Dong Yong, a kind and diligent man born in Eastern Han Dynasty, is a filial son and a hardworking student, whom his parents were proud of. The Seventh Fairy Maiden, uses the name Yu Xiaoqi, daughter of the Jade Emperor, comes to Earth to meet her second sister's former love, scholar Lao Xinrong. Not knowing Xiaoqi's intention, the Jade Emperor saw this as an opportunity for Xiaoqi to learn more about humans because she is very disobedient and carefree compared to the other daughters. The Jade Emperor chose the Dong family, seeing that Dong is a good person and hopes that the family can guide Xiaoqi to becoming more filial. Fortunately, Dong happens to be one of Lao's students and Xiaoqi is able to get to know more about Lao and Xiaoqi's sister's love even more. Eventually, Dong and the Maiden fall in love, which is forbidden in Heaven and repeats the tragic yet touching history of Dong's teacher, Lao and the Second Fairy Maiden. At the same time, Dong, the Seventh Fairy Maiden, and their friends are on a mission to stop another star-crossed lovers, Dong's classmate, Shangguan Haoqi and Xiang Xuehai, a civet cat deity in human form, before their quest for freedom and selfishness inadvertently triggers an apocalyptic event. After their opposites repent from their evil ways, Dong endures a series of trials to win the approval of the Maiden's family. The Jade Emperor ultimately sees Dong's worth and allows his daughter to marry the mortal, but on the condition that they will only be together for a hundred days. Months after she left, the Maiden gave birth to a baby boy in the celestial palace, and her family asks the Guanyin to entrust the Maiden's newborn son to Dong. Despite their separation, Dong Yong and the Maiden vow never to stop loving one another, even if it means to wait for thousands of lifetimes.

By the time of 21st century China, Dong has been reincarnated as a contemporary young man. At a street corner in Shanghai, Dong Yong's present avatar meets the Maiden once more, who has once again settled in the mortal realm as a contemporary young woman, suggesting that she has forsaken her immortality and heavenly status. Regardless of whether he still has memories of his wife from his previous life, Dong Yong falls in love with the Maiden at first sight, suggesting that they will resume their romance.



The Little Fairy Original Soundtrack (天外飛仙電視原聲帶)
Soundtrack album by Various Artists
Released February 17, 2006
Genre Soundtrack
Length 01:11:53
Label HIM International Music
The Little Fairy Original Soundtrack (天外飛仙電視原聲帶)
No. Title Length
1. "Yiyan Wannian (一眼萬年; One Glance, Ten Thousand Years) - Performed by S.H.E" 4:29
2. "Qiannian Lei (千年淚; Tears of a Thousand Years) - Performed by Tank" 4:20
3. "Tianliang Yihou (天亮以後; After Dawn) - Performed by Hu Ge" 4:22
4. "'Yuyan (預言; Prophecy) - Performed by Z-Chen" 4:40
5. "Guling Jingguai (古靈精怪; Quirky) - Performed by Wu Ailun and Lin Jingru" 4:00
6. "Yueguang (月光; Moonlight) - Performed by Hu Ge" 4:19
7. "Masang Shu - Yiyan Wannian (馬桑樹 - 一眼萬年 演奏曲; Coriaria Tree - Instrumental version of "A Vision of Eternity")" 4:31
8. "Tianzhi Ya Haizhi Jiao - Qiannianlei (天之涯 海之角 - 千年淚 演奏曲; The Edge of the Sky and the Corner of the Sea - Instrumental version of "Tears of a Thousand Years")" 3:29
9. "Yongheng De Ai - Yiyan Wannian (永恆的愛 - 一眼萬年 演奏曲; Eternal Love - Instrumental version of "One Glance, Ten Thousand Years")" 4:27
10. "Xiaoshide Denghuo - Yueguang (消逝的燈火 - 月光 演奏曲; Fading Light - Instrumental version of "Moonlight")" 4:07
11. "Ai Chaoyue Tiande - Qiannian Lei (愛超越天地 - 千年淚 演奏曲; Love Transcends Heaven and Earth" Instrumental version of "Tears of a Thousand Years)" 3:28
12. "Tongku De Xingfu (痛苦的幸福 - 一眼萬年演奏曲; "Bliss of Pain" - Instrumental version of "One Glance, Ten Thousand Years")" 3:20
13. "Xianfan Zhi Ai (仙凡之愛 - 配樂; "Love of Immortal and Mortal" - Score)" 3:28
14. "Conglaimeiyouaiguoni (從來沒有愛過你 配樂; "Never Loved You" - Score )" 4:09
15. "Tian Duo Gao (天多高 - 配樂; "How High Is the Sky" - Score)" 4:12
16. "Caihong Wuqu (彩虹舞曲 - 配樂; "Rainbow Dance" - Score)" 2:02
17. "Erlang Shen (二郎神 - 配樂; "Erlang Shen" - Score)" 2:32
18. "Qi zhi (棋只 - 配樂; "Qi Only" - Score)" 3:04
19. "Qingwei Shi (情未逝 - 配樂; "Love Does Not Die" - Score)" 2:43
Total length: 01:11:53



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