The Little Flying Bears

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The Little Flying Bears
Written by Jean-Pierre Liccioni
Starring Sonja Ball
Daniel Brochu
Teddy Lee Dillon
Richard Dumont
Kathleen Fee
Ian Finlay
Jessalyn Gilsig
Dean Hagopian
A.J. Henderson
Harry Hill
Arthur Holden
Gary Jewell
Rick Jones
Pauline Little
Jeff Lumby
Walter Massey
Michael O'Reilly
Patricia Rodriguez
Michael Rudder
Terrence Scammell
Jane Woods
Country of origin Canada
No. of episodes 39
Producer(s) CinéGroupe
Zagreb Film
Original release 1990 – 1991

The Little Flying Bears (Croatian: Mali leteći medvjedići) is an animated television series produced by Zagreb Film and CinéGroupe. It was a Canadian/Croatian co-production which originally aired in 1990.

This cartoon helps children realize the importance of protecting the environment. The series shows the harmful effects of pollution and fires as well as the important role of the ecosystem.


The series focuses on a rare species of little bears with wings that live in the magical forest in a utopian cooperative community. The little flying bears together with their friends, took on themselves the task to defend their forest from pollution. However, their efforts, very often, are disturbed by two weasels, Skulk and Sammy, which strive to pollute the forest. Every so often the weasels receive help from Slink the snake. The three always strive to find new ways to disturb the harmony of the forest but their plans are destroyed always by the bears. The bears are always attentive to the advices of the old bear, Plato (who is too old to fly) and his friend Ozzy the owl.



  • Plato (voiced by Walter Massey) - A wise old grey colored flying bear that serves as the head of the flying bear community and is the grandfather of all its bear cubs. Plato is too old to have wings and therefore is not capable of flying. The young bears respect him for his wisdom and follow his advice. He is named after the Greek Philosopher of the same name.
  • Walt (voiced by Arthur Holden) - A young male blue colored flying bear cub with lighter blue hair and orange wings. He is Tina's boyfriend. He is the possible, but not confirmed, brother of Jason and Josh. He and Tina are the main protagonists of the series.
  • Tina (voiced by Jessalyn Gilsig) - A young female orange colored flying bear cub with blonde ponytail, blue wings, green necklace and big green flower on the top of her head. She is Walt's girlfriend. She is the possible, but not confirmed, sister of Lotus and Jasmine. She and Walt are the main protagonists of the series.
  • Josh (voiced by Teddy Lee Dillon) - A young male light brown colored flying bear cub with brown hair and purple wings. He is Jasmine's boyfriend and fraternal twin brother of Jason.
  • Jasmine (voiced by Pauline Little) - A young female pink colored flying bear cub with orange wings, blue necklace and blue flower crown. She is Josh's girlfriend and identical twin sister of Lotus.
  • Lotus (voiced by Pauline Little) - A young female pink colored flying bear cub with orange wings, blue necklace and green flower crown. Lotus is Jasmine's identical twin sister. She is the possible, but not confirmed, Jason's girlfriend.
  • Jason (voiced by Jeff Lumby & Ian Finlay) - A young male red colored flying bear cub with blonde hair and green wings. He is Josh's fraternal twin brother. He is the possible, but not confirmed, Lotus's boyfriend.
  • Ozzy (voiced by Rick Jones) - impatient and nervous male brown owl. Friend of bears.
  • Markus (voiced by Thor Bishopric - young male red frog. Friend of bears.
  • Jumpy - A young female blue colored rabbit. She is inquisitive and witty. Friend of bears.
  • Fluffy - A young female orange colored squirrel.


  • Skulk (voiced by Terrence Scammell) - An anthropomorphic weasel who wears a blue vest. The Little Flying Bears' worst enemy and frenemy. He yearns for "manimal" (human) culture and brings lots of side effects to the forest.
  • Sammy (voiced by A.J. Henderson) - An anthropomorphic and stupid weasel who wears a green shirt with a belt strapped to his waist and a football helmet on his head. He is Skulk's partner. And the enemy and frenemy of the Little Flying Bears.
  • Slink (voiced by Rick Jones) - The shrewd snake. The only snake in the forest. Often assists Skulk and Sammy. And the frenemy of the Little Flying Bears.
  • Grizelda (voiced by Kathleen Fee) - A large and evil spider who lives in the terrible forest. She is very protective of the syrup trees.
  • Spike - A rat that comes from the city along with two rat subordinates.


  • David - A friend of the bears. He is Leah's brother.
  • Leah - A friend of the bears. She is David's sister.

Episodes (1990-1991)[edit]

  1. Keep Out
  2. Attack Of The Scarlet Serpents
  3. The Juice Festival
  4. Black Cloud
  5. Runaway Truck
  6. Hurray! For Eggs
  7. A Birthday To Remember
  8. The Traps
  9. The Forbidden Flower
  10. The White Rain
  11. The Bears Christmas
  12. Sore Losers
  13. The White Bear
  14. The Fountain Of Youth
  15. The Monster In The Mountain
  16. The Great Drought
  17. The Lumber Barons
  18. The Wood Fairy
  19. The Costume Ball
  20. Hide And Seek
  21. The Big Sting
  22. The Reluctant Hero
  23. The Virus
  24. Dr. Skulk
  25. A Gift From Space
  26. Sing For The Rain
  27. The First Encounter
  28. The Rats
  29. The River Rescue
  30. The Storm
  31. The Rats Revenge
  32. The Outsider
  33. Capture The Sun
  34. Prescription For Pandemonium
  35. Sabotage
  36. The Visitor
  37. Invasion
  38. Power To Spare
  39. Fire Bug

Theme Song[edit]

The theme song was composed by Julie Villandré. The lyrics were written by Jean-Pierre Liccioni and sung by voice actress Sonja Ball.

Alternative titles[edit]

  • 環保小飛熊 (Traditional Chinese title)
  • 环保小飞熊 (Simplified Chinese title)
  • Les Oursons Volants (French title)
  • Die Flugbärchen kommen! (German title)
  • Repülő bocsok (Hungarian title)
  • המעופפים הנועזים (HaMeofefim Hanoazim) (Israeli title)
  • Летечките мечиња (Letechkite mechinja) (Macedonian title)
  • Latające misie (Polish title)
  • Mali leteči medvedki (Slovene title)
  • Los Osos Voladores (Spanish title)
  • De flygande björnarna (Swedish title)
  • Malí létající medvídci (Czech title)
  • الدببة الطائرة (Addibaba attaïra) (Arabic title)
  • De flyvende bjørnene (Norwegian title)
  • Flugbangsanir (Icelandic title)

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