The Little Mermaid (1992 film)

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The Little Mermaid
The Little Mermaid.JPG
Directed by Masakazu Higuchi
Chinami Namba
Produced by Diane Eskenazi
Written by Hans Christian Andersen (original author)
Jack Olesker
Based on The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen
Music by Richard Hurwitz
John Arrias
Distributed by Trimark (1992),
Goodtimes Entertainment (1993-2005),
Gaiam (2005-present)
Release dates
May 25,
  • 1992 (1992)
Running time
49 minutes
Country Japan
United States
Language English

The Little Mermaid is a 49-minute animated film based on the fairy tale of the same name by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. The film was produced by Diane Eskenazi, founder of American Film Investment Corporation II, and written by Jack Olesker. It was originally released as part of a collection of seven direct-to-video animated titles by Trimark on May 25, 1992; it would be released again in 1993 as a Golden Films title by Goodtimes Home Video. The same company, now renamed as Goodtimes Entertainment, would release the film on DVD on August 6, 2002, under the "Collectible Classics" line which included a significant portion of Golden Films' animated titles, as well as those from other companies, including Jetlag Productions and Blye Migicovsky Productions.


Lena is a princess mermaid, sea king's daughter who dreams of someday marrying a wonderful prince. After disobeying her father, Lena visit the sea surface and first sees the Prince Stephan, who falls madly in love. Soon after, the ship that sails the Prince Stephan sinks and the youth's life in danger until Lena manages to save and bring to a beach near the school where he studied Princess Anne. Lena comes to the aid of the witch Cassandra and gives voice to change legs to walk in the outside world and meet her prince. Cassandra gives Lena what she asks with the warning that if Lena fails to win the hearts of Stephan and marry another, Lena will become sea foam for the rest of her life. Lena drinks the potion, and loses her voice, and goes to the surface. Above, she walks on shore naked (except for her shawl, flower necklace and the wreath of pearls her sister Tris gave for her birthday). She is later helped at the palace by two doves, Cecil and Claudiette. Things are going well, but Lena is dumb, Prince Stephan takes her fondly, as he feels he should show her the same kindness that the person who had saved him from the wreck. Over time, Stephan arrives in love with Lena and wants to marry her, but then comes Anna, the young princess who earlier found Stephan and Cosgrove on the beach, as she brought him to the them medical care they needed. Stephan feels grateful to Anna and her father of this desire, agrees to marry her, but Anna is in love with Maxwell. Bink, the dolphin pet friend of Lena, intervenes and tells the king of the sea what happened. His intervention fixes things, King Malcolm agrees to make Maxwell his son-in-law, and Lena finally marries Stephan, saving her life.


  • Lena - The heroine of the story, Lena is a carefree, beautiful young mermaid princess living with her father, the Sea-King and her sisters in their grand underwater palace. Lena has a loyal companion, a dolphin named Vink, and it is him to whom she tells about her longing of finding the perfect prince, who will be the love of her life. Lena falls in such a deep love for Prince Stephan that she willingly sacrifices her beautiful voice.
  • Cassandra - Cassandra is the evil Sea-witch dreaded by the mermaids. The Sea-King has forbidden any of his daughters to have anything to do with her. When Cassandra finds out that Lena has fallen in love with a human prince, she tricks her into trading her beautiful voice for human legs, warning her that if Prince Stephan were to marry someone else, she would then turn into seafoam for all eternity.
  • Bink - A dolphin that is Lena's faithful royal pet. As much as he cares for Lena, he sometimes doesn't feel up to joining her in all of her wild adventures. When he finds out that Lena's life may be in danger, he quickly comes to her rescue and immediately notifies the Sea-King about Cassandra's doing.
  • Prince Stephan - The handsome human prince with whom Lena falls in love. He has a faithful servant and companion named Cosgrove. When they are shipwrecked, they are both safely brought to the beach by Lena, then pulled onto the sands by Princess Anna and her schoolmates, none of which ever know about Lena's existence.
  • Princess Anna - The daughter of the King Malcolm, who fears an attack from Prince Stephan's father, king to a foreign land. After Prince Stephan believes that only Anna was involved in rescuing him and Cosgrove, he decides to marry her to show his gratitude. Although Princess Anna loves someone else, her father insists on Anna's marriage with Stephan, to prevent his father from attacking his kingdom.

Other characters[edit]

  • Tris - Lena's loving sister.
  • The Sea-King - Lena's strict, but caring father.
  • Cosgrove Thackery - Prince Stephan's servant.
  • Maxwell - Princess Anna's lover.


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