The Littlest Man Band

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The Littlest Man Band
Origin Long Beach, USA
Years active 2003–2005
Labels At The Helm
Associated acts The Scholars
Reel Big Fish
Suburban Legends
Website Official Site
Past members Scott Klopfenstein
Jake Berrey
Tony Ortega
Greg Parkin
Dan Regan
Vincent Walker
Jesse Wilder

The Littlest Man Band was started by Scott Klopfenstein of Orange County, California. Scott was a long-time member of Reel Big Fish, a popular ska punk band. Scott had written a number of songs over the years that did not conform to the usual style of Reel Big Fish. He performed some of these by himself under the pseudonym "The Littlest Man" before being joined by several musicians well known to him from the Long Beach music scene, the majority of whom are fellow ex-members of the band The Scholars.

This differs from the music he and the fellow Reel Big Fish member Dan Regan had been performing previously, but the new piano-bar style was well received by fans. Often, both bands would play at the same venue.

LMB has not performed since May 25, 2005, and rumors have circulated regarding the band's break-up. Scott has commented that due to his move to the East Coast, he will no longer be performing with these musicians.


Former members[edit]

  • Vince Walker - Trumpet (left to further pursue his education after the recording of "Better Book Ends", then returned to Suburban Legends)



  • Better Book Ends (September 23, 2004)
  • Demos and Practices (early 2004)
  • Rare Doo-Dee - Live recordings and demos, including the infamous "doo-dee" incident on the first KUCI show. (2008)


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