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Masthead from a 1945 issue

The Living Church is a biweekly magazine based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin providing commentary and news information on the Episcopal Church in the United States. In continuous publication since 1878, it has generally been identified with the Anglo-Catholic wing of Anglicanism, and has been cited by national newspapers as a representative of that party. It absorbed a number of earlier Anglo-Catholic publications, including The American Churchman, Catholic Champion (1901), and The Angelus (1904). Theologically and culturally, it tends to have a moderate-to-conservative slant.

On June 21, 1931 the last issues of associated periodicals, The Young Churchman and The Shepherd's Arms were published.

The mission statement of the Living Church Foundation, the non-profit organization that publishes The Living Church alongside The Episcopal Musician's Handbook and Illuminations, is "to support and promote the Catholic and evangelical faith of the one Church, to the end of visible Christian unity throughout the world.” The current editor of The Living Church is Christopher Wells. The periodical is a member of the Associated Church Press, a religious periodical group. Some of the magazine's content has been made available online since the late 20th century.


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